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We help you remove fitness barriers so you can succeed and for only $5 bucks a month!


Welcome to the Fitness Made Easy platform where we offer hundreds of resistance band workouts and no equipment high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. The mission of Fitness Made Easy is to help you eliminate the fitness barriers that are keeping you from making it to the gym. Did we mention that we give away FREE memberships each month? Sign up in five seconds HERE!


The Fitness Made Easy workouts are easy to follow and designed for beginners, women and men. One of the best parts about about this platform is that you can do all of the exercises from your home, at work or even while traveling. How works is simple. Pick a specific workout section from the menu above or listed below and try out the free videos in each section. One fitness channel is only $3 bucks a month or if you want all access to everything, join us HERE for only $5 bucks a month!

If you want some great health food tips, just join us for free HERE!

Don't know what resistance bands to get? No problem! Check out these free tutorials HERE! Already know what you want but want a great brand? Check out the SPRI Resistance Bands HERE!



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"The 30-Day Challenge was an excellent way to get myself back into a fitness routine. I did the Band Challenge and the Cardio Challenge each day, and was done in just over half an hour. Ryan does a great job building up the intensity of the workouts. By the end, I felt stronger and knew that my overall fitness level had improved. I highly recommend it."

Craig - Rochester, New York

"I like how the workouts are always different in each video. And I really appreciate that you dive right into the workout! These days people do the same stuff, all the exercises seem the same, I’ve tried so many but nothing has worked so far. But your workouts are honestly great. Glad I found them!"

"I set my wife up with the three day a week workout for beginners. It's an easy routine for her to remember and it hits the muscle groups she wants. She did add a set of planks to the end. I do the 5 day a week routine. I've always used free weights and machines, but Covid stopped that. The resistance band routine does everything I need to do, but I can do it at home. It's good routine that's easy on the old joints!"

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Ryan West created the Fitness Made Easy platform in 2019 and it has only grown since that point. Although Ryan is not a certified personal trainer, he does have over 25 years of experience in the gym and and is leads every workout on the platform.


Check out more about Ryan below, including how he survived a brain tumor!

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