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Welcome to the Fitness Made Easy Community, my name is Ryan West and I am the creator of this unique fitness platform where we use resistance bands to achieve fitness success. I created this platform with the hopes of helping others find a successful path to fitness happiness. It is not always easy to make exercise a common theme in your life. Fitness Made Easy can help you get on track or back on track.

The platform has over 300 fitness workout videos you can enjoy by becoming an "All Access Member". If you want a bicep workout, tricep workout, back workout, shoulder workout, chest workout, leg workout, glute workout, ab workout, total body workout or even cardio workout, we can help you out.  And as bonus, all of the workouts we offer can be completed at home, while at work or even while traveling.


Try one of the videos below and join us in the all access section with the first month being FREE!

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This body focus workout option is great for those just getting started or even looking for a change.  This section focuses on individual body part workouts. This Fitness Made Easy option is extremely popular with both men and women as it offers a lot of positives.


First, there are 35 total videos in this section and each one is 10 minutes in length. They are split up between biceps, triceps, back, chest, shoulders, legs and abs. You can use this entire Body Focus formula on rotating 5 week schedule and never get bored with the workouts, or you could double up and go three times a week.  There is also ton of variety available with these workouts in terms of strength, all you need to do is change the resistance in bands. 


Welcome to the cardio portion of the Fitness Made Easy platform. We offer a wide variety of workouts that include 5 minute, 10 minute, and even 20 minute aerobic cardio workouts. Everything can be done from home and there is no equipment needed.

With over 40 workouts to choose from in this section, these workout options are a fantastic alternative to running while still offering a great cardio burn. Each workout has its own flavor but one thing is constant, we work to earn. If you want to see gains, you have to be consistent and we have a workout here to help you do that.  Remember, calisthenics workouts can do things for your entire body. 


Ready for an awesome fitness challenge workout? Check out this 60 day resistance band workout plan that you can literally use for a year or more. Each video is only 15 minutes put packs a powerful punch! There are 60 videos of fitness freedom in this section!


Welcome to the 30 minute workout option of the Fitness Made Easy platform. Each workout consists of resistance band workouts and are broken into three videos. Video 1 is always biceps and triceps. Video 2 is always back, chest and shoulder. And Video 3 is always legs and abs. 

You will notice that each workout has a name that goes along with "1950's" slang. Why? I don't really know, it just sounded really awesome and we have 29, three set video combinations in this section. With 87 resistance band videos to choose from, you really have your fitness needs covered. 

Each video averages about 11 minutes and you can break these up into separate workouts or do them all in the same day. There is tremendous variety with this one and we would love to have you experience them all. These workouts can literally give you a fitness plan for the next two years. 


Looking to just work the arms? One of the best features of this section is that the workouts are all around 6 minutes long. You can roll through a video once and just repeat it or find another one that fits what you are wanting to accomplish. There are several different ways to work the biceps and triceps and we aim to offer as many of those as possible to you!