If you're looking to accomplish a big fitness goal for the year, how about completing a 10k run? Whether you have jogged in the past or not, you can do it! Below is the blueprint I am using to complete a 10K in roughly 10 weeks. You simply need a plan that allows you to stay consistent. some good running shoes and you are on your 10K way!

Each day I post a one minute update on how the workout went so I can show you my own progress. I also upload a weekly review that overs the previous weeks ups and downs. You will hear me comment on the 10K piece for sure but I am also working in a total body workout in addition to the running piece. You can use one of the workouts in the Fitness Made Easy platform to help supplement that for you if you want!

I use the cross-train day's as cycle workouts and you can substitute with what makes the most sense for you. No matter where I end up after 10 weeks, I am going to be in better cardiovascular shape and that is exactly what I want going into the summer. Download the free guide HERE, take it day by day and knock out your first 10k (6.21 miles) in 2021!

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Beginner Workout Plan

Resistance Bands

This workout plan includes the biceps, triceps, back, chest, shoulders and legs!

We will email you the video plan (plus some BONUS stuff included) and you will have your next resistance band  workout at your fingertips.