Ready to make things easy? We have you covered in the Easy Workout section of the the Fitness Made Easy section. This is a unqiue opportunity for you to no longer be overwhelmed with trying to figure out a workout each week. The concept of this section is to give you a new resistance band workout each Sunday, that you can do throughout the week. 

Each workout is roughly 20 minutes and we work the biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoudlers, legs and even butt. Each workout is designed to be done at home, at your work or even while traveling. These workouts are perfect for anyone (men and women) who are looking for a new workout plan each week. You will love the variety and each workout is led and motivated by Ryan West.

What makes this section so beneficial is that we take away a lot of the barriers and time that can go into fitness. Those add up to lost time and potentially lost money! Equipment needed for these workouts are a resistance band tube (and anchor), resistance band loop & resistance band superband. All of which can be purchased for under $50 and delivered right to your door.  Use SPRI Resistance Bands, and don't forget to use the 15% discount by jumping on the email list!

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