Have you created your home gym yet? If not what are you waiting for? Did you know that before the pandemic, most public gyms had a large case of germs floating around? When my wife and I finally stopped going to a gym and created a home workout zone, our colds and sickness dropped overnight. This is coming from a guy who has worked out in about every type of gym possible. I have even worked out under the Pacific Ocean. 

Seriously, when I was in the U.S. Navy the gym on the ship was way down in the ship which mean it was under water. I always tended to gravitate towards gym that weren't fancy and had character. As I have gotten older though and became super busy, I save so much time by workout out at home. Time saved is time earned and time earned is money made for more free time. Who doesn't want that?


Below are some of my favorites and if you're wondering, yes I have almost of this stuff. The cool thing is, nearly all of this equipment can be stored in a tiny space and most of it can travel in bag. Get the gear that makes fitness easy for you and join us in the Fitness Made Easy gym!

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