Select the membership option below and join us in the Fitness Made Easy gym. We offer several different combinations of resistance band workouts, dumbbell workouts and cardio workouts that can be done from home. We keep cost low so you can keep coming back and enjoying what we offer. The real reason you will love a Fitness Made Easy membership is the time you will save!

We estimate we can save your roughly 45 minutes a workout. We do that by keeping the workouts at an average of 15 minutes and by doing the workouts at home, you save drive time, wait time, kid time, sickness time and the list goes on and on. Grab an affordable membership below and join the Fitness Made Easy community!

  • Fitness For Life

    One Time Subscription That is Good Forever!
    • Over 200 Resistance Band Workouts
    • 30-Day Challenge Workouts
    • Biceps Workouts
    • Triceps Workouts
    • Chest Workouts
    • Back Workouts
    • Shoulders Workouts
    • Legs Workouts
    • Abs Workouts
    • Chest, Back & Shoudlers Workouts
    • Total Body Workouts
    • Over 60 No Equipment Cardio Workouts
    • 15% Resistance Band or Fitness Equipment Discount
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