10 Ways to Get Toned Triceps

Updated: Apr 19

How familiar are you with the tricep muscles? I am not doctor nor have I studied the human body at great length, but over the years I have come to find that they are typically not given their due. It isn’t because they are hard to workout, rather I think it may be because they are somewhat hidden. Perhaps we just take them for granted and no matter what the answer is, they deserve their due.

When we associate someone with killer arms, it usually has to do with their biceps. Perhaps we are genetically created to focus on the bicep and nothing else. Have you ever found yourself saying, wow, that person has some of the most magnificent triceps I have ever seen? Probably not, unless you are a bodybuilder where every part of the body is studied.

The reality is that nice biceps usually require defined triceps. The tricep actually makes up about 75% of the upper arm and if you don’t think they aren’t valuable, remember these fun facts the next time you are in the gym:

  1. They improve your bench press dramatically

  2. More pushups per capita (by the way, those reduce heart disease)

  3. Better punching ability which we all deserve

  4. Stronger shoulders because you can press more with tighter triceps

  5. Ladies, toned triceps will enhance the look of your arms completely (and you can better defend yourself)

  6. Pushing yourself out of a swimming pool

  7. Holding your kids

  8. Mowing your lawn

  9. Gamers, they will give you more stamina on the late night binge sessions

  10. Make wearing a short with no sleeves more entertaining

SPRI Resistance Bands

These are just a few of the many things that strong triceps can do for you. Ready for the ground breaking news? Believe it or not, I am suggesting using a resistance band and door anchor to make it happen. I have done a lot of tricep exercises over the years and I can promise you that using a resistance band can do just as much or more for you than a set of dumbbells.

Since I made the switch to using resistance bands full time about 30 months ago, my exercise prowess has only improved. Yes it helps that using resistance bands are lighter (and at 45 years old, that is important to me) but it is also because they give me back my time. You see, not only are resistance bands light but they are also extremely efficient. Saved time in the home gym is made money else where (or at least that is how I think).

What is so intriguing to me is how a piece of rubber that weighs less than a pound can be so impressive with results. When I was in high school during the early 90’s you would hear a lot about “isometrics”, which would take movements without heavy weights and produce results. People who followed that workout swore by them and I think I have became that person some 25 years later with resistance bands.

Remember, the key to fitness success is staying consistent. Without consistency you simply go through the motions. With consistency, you create the motions

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