12 Ways To Dominate Your Fitness

Updated: Apr 19

How do you think the rich get “richer”? It sure as hell isn’t by making things harder. In fact, in most cases, they have found the shortcuts to success. Don’t get me wrong, you have to put in the daily work (in most cases), but when you know how to get the same results from a 20 minute workout that you would get in a 60 minute workout, you are winning the game.

I look at working out, fitness, exercise, gym life or whatever you want to call it as a game. After nearly 30 years of exercising, I have found that there is such a thing as working out smarter and not harder. Once you can break the down the system and slow things up, you to will find the secrets (there’s a lot of them).

Here are 12 ways to get you headed in the right direction. And yes, these really work. I have been practicing them since 1999.

January Happens 12 times a Year — You have got to think about January in this frame of mind or you are doomed from the start. Just pretend that January 1st is happening every 30 days. As soon as you give into the whole “new years resolution” concept you’re screwed. If you blow of March, get back on the horse in April. You’ll be surprised by how fast you can make it back up.

Workout Plans — I am pounding my fists on the desk as I write this, because this is by far the most important concept that you have to recognize. Without a fitness plan strategy you are only going to go in circles (and ultimately quit). Finding your fitness path requires a blue print that will help you get there. I got some bonus info below…

New Outfits — Buy 6 new fitness outfits each year and that includes men and women. A new look keeps things refreshed. Under Armour offers some great values and I think their clothes make you feel like you are capable of doing anything fitness wise.

Music — I am a huge fan of loud music when I exercise but I am a bigger fan of switching up the music every so often. The reality is that the same old music creates a sense of mundane repetition. Add in some new music genres to give you different motivation. FREE your mind and the rest will follow.

Time of Day — This simple adjustment can make all the difference. Try working out in the morning for a few months, and then switch to a schedule in the evening. If you have a job that allows for it, try a lunch workout for a month or so. These subtle changes keep the mind from falling into thinking exercise is a chore.

Fitness Challenges — Every few months, you should try a fitness challenge. Not only will challenges show you how far you have come, but they will also give you a much-needed change of pace. Stay tuned for the bonus below…

Go Virtual — If you aren’t working out using a virtual option yet, you are sorely missing out. The world be changing folks and fitness is no different. You’re already on your phone half the day anyway. Why not use it to help you get your work out game going?

Eliminate the Barriers — When I created my exercise platform I did so with the intention of helping people unknowingly remove all the red tape of life so they could exercise. For instance, the platform allows you to follow a work out from virtually anywhere at any time. The barriers you create in your head can be knocked down if you are willing and have a platform that helps you.

Dream — If you want to be the best you have to see yourself as the best. I am the ultimate dreamer and make no bones about it. If we really only get one chance on this planet, why in the hell would you not dream about what if’s? Which includes having fitness success. Take those exercise dreams and make them a reality.

Remember, dreams are only figments of your imagination if you don’t get up off your ass and act on them.

Chart Your Progress — If you’re not much for keeping track of things, you should think about starting when it comes to your body. You will be surprised what you notice, find and uncover when you start charting how you are using your body. Progress is huge factor in staying consistent by the way.

Use the Weekends — Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, there are 104 days that make up the weekends each year. How many people do you know that are working out 104 days a year? I rest my case.

Home Workout — I have kind of covered this in a subliminal way, but you really need to make this your center point for all things exercise. Its cheap, efficient, effective, and just to damn easy to avoid.

Resistance Bands— Why? There is no better piece of exercise equipment on the planet (for most of us). That is because most of us aren’t exercising enough and resistance bands can offer you the gateway to the exercise mountain quicker than anything out there.

Motivation — I would be remised if I did not include the holy grail of keeping yourself going to the gym. Of course, that is having the motivation to push yourself and without it nothing gets done. Honestly, this one is hard for me but I have found a trick and it can work for you.

I put on my music before I even get dressed to workout. I close my eyes, play something loud and visualize who I can’t fucking stand at the moment. Before long, I am ready to run through a brick wall and kick fitness ass!

The bonus? It is the Fitness Made Easy platform that I created and offers over 400 resistance band and cardio workouts (including challenges) and can be done from your home, while traveling or even at work. Seriously, you will never have to look for a workout system again!

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