15 Minute Workout Option

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of Easy is : causing or involving little difficulty or discomfort

Are you ready to have the greatest day of your life? A day where you are going to be let in on secret that others are simply unaware of? A day when..okay you get the point. I do have a secret for you though and it involves EASY and FITNESS and I have named it Fitness Made Easy!

That’s right, about 18 months ago I launched my fitness platform called Fitness Made Easy and I think it may have the cure you are looking for when it comes to wanting an Easy 15 Minute Workout! In full disclosure, I think fitness can be easy and the secret is following a program that helps eliminate fitness barriers - like this one!

The Fitness Made Easy platform was designed around my 25 years of exercise experience. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a certified personal trainer, rather someone who has enjoyed working out on a weekly basis, since I was in high school. I had some spots where I fell of the wagon and didn’t go for extended periods, but I have enough a natural love for exercise that it always called me back.

I didn’t just put Easy in the title of the brand I created for no reason. I really mean and wanted fitness to be easy. I like you, wanted a way to workout in a more efficient and effective manner. The reality is that quick workouts help you build consistency, and if you have read any of my previous blogs, you will know I am a big believer that consistency equals fitness success.

SPRI Resistance Bands

In order to embody an easy workout and help create consistency, I needed an easy exercise tool to use. Turns out, I found that very fitness tool in the form of resistance bands. I won’t bore you with the story of how but I can tell you that using resistance bands is 100% the way to go. In fact, the benefits they offer are just to good to pass up.

In the Fitness Made Easy platform we partnered with the company SPRI who I think makes the best resistance bands available. In fact, I am using the same pieces of equipment that I started with from almost two years ago.

Here is a video where I explain what the SPRI bands are, what the colors mean and how they work – HERE!

Okay so now we have the fitness tool defined, what about the space to do the easy workout? The good news is, resistance bands can be used from virtually anywhere, and that was important when I created the Fitness Made Easy platform. Not only can bands be used from most places in your house but they travel anywhere, which means you can use them while staying in a hotel, Grandma’s house or even at work.

It all adds up to what? CONSISTENCY!

When you combine a resistance band or two with your home gym, you have two parts of the three that are required to have a 15-minute easy workout. The last part is what you have been waiting for, which is the actual workout itself. I think the majority of the population must have 15 minutes set as the ideal time for a workout. It just seems to fit.

You really have two options when it comes to a 15-minute workout. Frist, you can opt for a total body workout that works the following:

1. Chest

2. Back

3. Biceps

4. Triceps

5. Shoulders

6. Legs (Glutes)

7. Abs

Or you can fit in some individual “body part focus” workouts where you would exercise just the biceps for 15 minutes and the next day or day after, you work the back, etc. It really just depends on what your goals are but I would suggest as the title states for this blog “15 Minute Easy Workout” is probably more suited for a total body workout. I just makes more sense doesn’t it?

I have three options for you to watch. Each option has its own mission, settings and objectives but all three come at the same low price point of just $19 bucks a month, with a 15% discount on SPRI Resistance Bands and a weekly Monday Motivation video from me. It is everything you need to cure your fitness pain points that are typically motivation, time and affordability.


Join the Fitness Made Easy community today - HERE!

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