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25 Killer Reasons You Need Resistance Bands

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

I have always wanted to create a massive list of reasons why using resistance bands are the way to go. The reality is that the percentage of people who don’t workout dwarfs the percentage of who actually do. So, this post is more for those who don’t workout than do, however a little change up never hurt anyone.

This list is based on my last 24 months of creating the fitness platform, Fitness Made Easy. As I write this, we have over 500 active (paying monthly customers) and I only say that because I want and believe plenty more can benefit from this platform. See if any of these grab your attention!

1. Affordable — You can grab a resistance band kit for under $40 bucks. That’s less then a tank of gas.

2. Easy — Seriously, is there any gym less intimidating looking than this piece of rubber with handles?

3. Home Gym Centerpiece — Every home gym that is created should be built around resistance bands. Why? Because they can be used from any room, even the bathroom.

4. Travel Partner — Ever seen a pair of dumbbells strapped to a backpack at the airport? On the contrary, resistance bands fit in the backpack — several of them in fact.


5. Light Weight — About the same as an empty water bottle — actually maybe lighter.

6. Variety — Are your familiar with all of the resistance band options? The band, loop, tube, superband, anchor and the list goes on...

7. Perfect for Beginners — It feels like I am cheating with this one because it is common knowledge, right?

8. Build Power — That’s right folks. You can get swollen with the best of them if you know what you’re doing. Try a superband shoulder press routine and see if you can brush your hair the next day. 9. Bicep Toner — Seriously, resistance bands work the biceps like no one’s business. Here is a resistance band bicep workout that will give you make you the poster child of “suns out, guns out”

Ryan West

10. Great with Squats — One of my favorite Fitness Made Easy specialties is the banded squat. You have the real capability of putting some thunder in the thighs with this maneuver.

11. Physical Therapy Dream — I’m technically not licensed to give my opinion on this one but for those who are, am I wrong?

12. Baby Boomer Friendly — All you retirees who need something to do in the mornings after you take your grandkids to school, this is it. You can use resistance bands to live longer and give more of your hard-earned money away to people who don’t do anything. 13. No Spots Required — No more asking the hairy dude to come over and stand over you. Honestly, who wants that after COVID?

14. Less Likely to Kill Yourself — I don’t have cold hard statistics on this but I think you get the point.

15. Small House Friendly — I once lived in a trailer with no door for three months, so I ain’t throwing rocks at the small house peeps. Just saying, get some resistance bands and you will find some workout privacy.

16. Solo Mission — Use resistance bands as a great time away from the world exercise. Go shake out your demons and come back normal. Resistance bands can help you achieve that.

17. Tall or Short — They work with both.

18. Great Add-On — For all my hardcore power lifters out there, resistance bands work great to cap off the 500-pound bench.

19. Pushup Match Maker — Hell yes — try it.

20. Sit Up Best Friend — I don’t think too many people realize that resistance bands are a great help with building your core.

21. Total Body Workouts — There is no better way to get in a total body workout, then by using a resistance band tube.

22. Outdoor Ready — Summer is always around the corner, on the deck, porch, patio, sidewalk or lawn is where you should be.

Adobe Stock

23. Butt Wait — That’s right, your ass, glutes, trunk, behind, rear, or even backside are 10 sets away from stardom.

24. Work Regulated — Ready to be the hero at your work? Resistance bands are the ideal workout to at your place of occupation. Can you imagine? Coming home from work and having completed a workout to? Holy shit, what a concept.

25. Time Saver — There is a lot of cool stuff on this list but time saved is the best one in my opinion. The average resistance band workout on the Fitness Made Easy platform is 15-minutes. If you went 5 times a week that would still be 1% less than the total time your week. Crazy huh?

The real question is, what are you waiting for?

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