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Updated: Apr 22

Have you ever looked up the word challenge in the dictionary? It says something like “a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel” and I must be honest, who doesn’t love a good body fitness showdown with yourself?

That is of course unless you like to punish your body in the reverse. Meaning, you like to challenge yourself to see how many days in a row you can sit on your ass without any major movement. Don’t you think the couch challenge would be harder? If you said yes, this blog is for you. If you said no, this blog is really for you.

My dad once gave me good advice about drinking to much booze. He said, you know Ryan, it is hard as hell to stay sober for 30 straight days, but it a hell of a lot harder to stay drunk for 30 straight days. Words you can live by and in some weird way, he was right.

Why 30 straight days?

It just seems like the natural right amount of time and if you google fitness challenges, the old 30-day challenge is in demand. Luckily, I have just the challenge for you. It is centered around a total body, resistance band workout for you guessed it, 30 straight days.

Before I break it down for you, I want you to do some math with me.

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On average, how many times are you working out each month? Now take that number times 12 and if you’re answer is under 30, the sky is the limit. If you’re answer is over 30, you’re potential just expanded. The whole point of a 30-day fitness challenge is to push yourself to new limits.

It is not going to be easy. Some days it is not going to be fun. And it may even be the longest 30 days of your life. But the positives are going to kill the negatives by a landslide and here are just 6 awesome reasons why you should try the Fitness Made Easy, 30 Day Resistance Band Challenge today!

#1 You will workout more in one month then most people workout in one year. Where are my statistics to back up that claim? Do you really think that is wrong? Why not instead take this opportunity to crush your exercise goals for this year in one month?

#2 You're going to see results within a week or so. Why? Simple, you are exercising every day. I have said this in many a blog and I will say it again. Fitness success (you feeling good about yourself) is accelerated when you’re consistent. When you make fitness a consistent piece of your day, your body rewards you in the mirror.

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#3 You will start to understand your body in ways you hadn’t in the past. One of the questions I often get is how I stay motivated to exercise all the time. Answer? I know my body and I know how to cut corners in the gym and still get great results. I have learned that by putting in the work.

Do you know why good guitar players are good? Because they practice. When you practice you gain learned experience and the formula works with exercise and your body as well.

#4 You will sleep better. Not important to you? What if better sleep lead to better skin, mood, brain power and just a general better overall look? A great 15-minute total body workout every day will help wear you out and provide the sleep you need. Don’t think for one minute that kids are the only ones who need to burn of energy. Put yourself in a 15-minute workout timeout and sleep like a baby.

#5 You can bury the diets. In full disclosure, I have never been on a diet and yet I still fucking hate them. I believe all diets rank up there with the great scams and cons of the last 100 years. Let me ask you something, do you know anyone who has been on a diet for the last 10 years straight? Hell, the last 1 year straight?

The problem I have with diets is that they are short term patches. As soon as you give in and suck down 10 steaks the buttons on your shirt start to pop. My point is that you can get more in the long haul with great fitness. You don’t have to go every day, but I do think a 30-day fitness challenge is a great way to get you moved over from the dark side.

From there, just watch what you eat.

#6 Slow down the aging process. My proof? I used to gaze over Facebook and look at people I knew were my age. Now, I can’t prove they weren’t or aren’t working out but I certainly no what I saw. Consistent exercise slows the aging process. Trust me.

Lastly, the Fitness Made Easy 30-Day Resistance Band Challenge is only 15 minutes a workout. When you add that up seven days a week, that is only1% of your total time each week. That’s right, 1% of your total time each week. We work the biceps, triceps, back, chest, shoulders, legs and abs.

We essentially help transform you into a neighborhood bad ass. Challenge yourself today!

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