4 Factors to Easy Exercise

My favorite word of all time is easy. In a world of difficult why not strive for easy? Have you ever thought about how much time you give up when things are difficult? I promise you it is a lot, and to me that is the number one benefit from easy. TIME GAINED

Perhaps it is just a syndrome of me getting old or I am simply that guy, but I hate having my time wasted. If I don’t get value from it or I don’t feel like it will help me down the line, I lose interest, get irritated and essentially check out.

Believe it or not, I can actually relax but it is certainly easier for me to do so when I feel like I have knocked out a bunch of easy things each day. That includes having fitness success. Whether you call it fitness, exercising or working out, when it is done easy, it is done more.

I don’t have statistics to back up that statement but I can guarantee you that’s how it works for me. As someone who has spent over a quarter century in the gym, I have strived to shave time off workouts, find better equipment, test different parts of the workout day and generate self-motivation tactics through trial and error.

My analysis is this, easy fitness is comprised of four things. Those four things include short time, moveable equipment, selfishness and a great plan to follow. When you have those four factors, the world aligns with the stars and you can kick fitness ass.

Time is the first factor as it is the one thing we can’t control. It keeps ticking whether we want it to or not so working out in under 25 minutes is paramount. The reason being is because we have a fundamental understanding that a half-hour doesn’t take much time.

Hence, a workout in under that mark makes us feel like we got one over.


Equipment that is moveable is the second factor and the glue that holds these four factors together. When your equipment is moveable, you eliminate excuses and barriers. One of the biggest things I preach about with my Fitness Made Easy platform is how we can help you eliminate fitness barriers.


By offering you a workout that uses resistance bands. Resistance bands allow you to never miss a workout. They can be used from virtually anywhere (and I mean anywhere). Need to travel, just pack them in a suitcase. When is the last time you saw someone carrying a dumbbell to Grandmas house or at the airport?

You wouldn’t know with resistance bands; they can fit in your pocket. See more - HERE!

Feeling a little selfish today?

If not, this is your opportunity to do so and have no guilt in the process. For the third factor I may get some frowns but before you walk away, hear me out. If you are not making your fitness time about you, only you and no one else but you, then you are missing the point.

The absolute best workouts are when you are focused because you are working on you. When you are in the exercise moment and can feel the music, you have bumping in your entire body. That is when you know you are in a good selfish exercise atmosphere.

Ryan West

That is when the exercise feels easy, attainable and not something you are quitting any month soon.

If that sounds foreign to you, then you are doing it wrong. Your fitness time must be treated like a religious moment (yes, I really said that). Have you ever been in the gym and saw that person just kind of going through the motions? Why waste your fucking time?

Factor four is the secret that most get wrong.

The first three factors get you going but without the fourth you don’t go in the right direction. When is the last time you had to drive to unknown destination but didn’t use any type of map to navigate your route?

Is it possible to still get there? Sure, but the percentages are extremely low without giving up and going back home.

Now think about that in fitness terms. If you know you want to get in shape, are you planning out your destination? Are you flying by the seat of your pants each week, hoping that it will just work? Having a goal to reach for or an ending point in sight will get you

My point is, make the test easy so you don’t have to be lucky. Use these four factors to attack and destroy your fitness with easy like precision.

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