7 Effective Resistance Band Exercises

Updated: Aug 22

How can something that weighs the same as an empty water bottle have so much impact on the body? It was a question I kept asking myself every time I glanced at my wife’s resistance band. At the time, she just had one and I wasn’t impressed by any means.

That was until I actually picked it up and tried it. What a concept.

I was just screwing around doing some arm curls when I realized my biceps were burning. I ended up doing a whole bicep workout with that resistance band and now year years later, I have the Fitness Made Easy platform.

The platform is centered around resistance band workouts and exercise, with some aerobic cardio thrown in as well. We have enough content to keep you working out for the next two years, and we have recently expanded to offer resistance band boot camps.

In putting together the platform I have naturally gained a big collection of videos and more importantly tips. Below are seven sweet resistance band exercises you can try and if you don’t have any resistance bands, I highly suggest the SPRI brand.

Standing Resistance Band Loop Biceps

If you aren’t familiar with this one you might want to check it out. This is one of those things that you have to feel to understand. The premise is simple, you stick your hands through the loop and keep them at shoulder width to create good resistance.

From there you curl until you hurl. Well maybe not hurl but you will definitely feel the burn, and this one can literally be done from anywhere.

4 sets, 10 to 13 reps

Standing Resistance Band Tube Lat Pulls

Get ready to work the back like no one’s business. Put both feet on the resistance band and keep them at shoulders width. From there cross over the handles and bend at the waist. Keep your back straight and pull the handles through your body.

This is a great back routine that tones and helps to prevent injury down the road. I suggest trying the SPRI green resistance band tube for the ladies, and SPRI red resistance band tube for the men.

4 sets, 10 reps

Resistance Band Chest Press

Just watch the video to see how this one is done. It works and when done with consistency, can chisel the chest.

Pro tip - use the anchor in different spots to work the top, mid and lower chest.

5 Sets, 12 reps

Resistance Band Donkey Kicks

Working the legs was never so easy or powerful. The resistance band donkey kick leg workout is perhaps the most doable leg workout out there. From a kneeling positio, hook one end of the loop around one ankle and the other end around your heel.

The leg that has the loop wrapped around the heel is the one that you will push straight out. The motion creates a tremendous leg blast that will tone your legs nobodies business.

4 to 5 sets - each leg, 10 reps

Standing Resistance Band Tube Shoulder Press

This one is the beast of the bunch. Put both feet on the band, hold the handles and press your hands above your head. The burn you get from these bad boys will get you ready for the next state fair arm wrestling content.

4 sets – 7 to 10 reps

Sitting Resistance Band Tube Assisted Sit Ups

This one is by far the most unused exercise of the bunch. Lock your band in with an anchor and use the handles as leverage to do old fashion sit ups. That’s right, the same ones they were doing 10,000 years ago.

This one will really help you get your core game back on track. Start out with a band that has more resistance and eventually work your way down to a lighter one. Awesome exercise!

6 sets, 20 reps (go big or go home)

Resistance Band Tube Triceps

Ladies and gentlemen, this one is hands down the best way to burn, tone and build the triceps. Did you know that the tricep is 75% of your upper arm? It pays in so many ways to keep the triceps on point.

Anchor your resistance band from a high point, step back and push the handles down. The key is to let the tricep do the work. Meaning, you should have little movement in your body. Technique is the key with these and boy do they work!

4 sets, 12 reps

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