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Updated: Apr 22

Still thinking about visiting your local gym? Seriously, over the last 10 months, haven’t you finally realized it is just not worth the headache? Not to mention the time waste which I will breakdown for you shortly.

Almost five years ago now, my wife and I stopped going to the gym that was near us and opted to exercise from home. Unbelievably, the colds we were catching disappeared overnight and god knows what else.

The ease of exercise success become apparent as well.

As an entrepreneur, I totally respect brick and mortar businesses, however I also believe in choices and working out from home is at the top of my list. Perhaps this blog will help you see the light as well.

What I am about to share with you isn’t anything groundbreaking, yet when you read it this way, it jumps of the paper. My point with this blog isn’t so much to convince you of avoiding germs (that is probably a given), rather to save you time.

And time saved, is money earned, family time gained or private relaxation deserved. Whatever your reasoning, here is the basic logic behind your next big decision.

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Commute – Let’s suggest that the average commute to your gym is only 5 minutes. That 5 minutes kicks off the beginning of the time suck that goes with visiting your gym. By the way, 5 minutes is at the low end and the average is probably closer to 15 to 20 minutes.

For the sake of proving my point, we will go with a 5-minute commute to the gym.

Walk-In – Once you get there you have to park and of course walk-in. Depending on the size of your gym, the time of day you are visiting your gym and your total time to park could skew your walk-in time.

To be generous, let’s go with 2 minutes.

Check In – OMG, I hated checking in at the gym front desk. Have you ever hade that day when you forgot your membership id and the world ended? It is just a gym, right? The same place where those front desk attendants do nothing to stop the screaming kids running around?

Let’s go with 1 minute and hope we don’t have nightmares.

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Change – How could we leave out changing as part of the process? Is there anything stranger then changing in gym locker room? From a guy’s perspective, doesn’t there always seem to be a creepy dude in a towel cruising around in the locker room doing nothing?

Let’s go with 5 minutes and wish it was faster.

Waiting in Line – The absolute worse part about the gym in the history of gyms. There is always someone sitting on the equipment staring off into space wondering what they will watch on Netflix or who they hated the most in high school.

Meanwhile, you as a waiting victim lose more time – 5 minutes.

Exercise – The actual reason you came to the gym, but doesn’t it seem like an after thought at this point? Since this one will vary for so many different reasons, let’s just be conservative and say 30 minutes.

Actually no, let’s say 40 minutes because you ended up talking to someone you know at the gym which should be outlawed from exercise altogether.

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Finish – Now you’re done, which means you have to walk back down and change, walk back out to your car and drive back home. This just sucked another 11 minutes (on the extreme generous side).

Have you been doing the math? Any thoughts on how many minutes you just killed? Try 70 minutes and if any germs stuck to you on your wait out, that may add to your lost time in the upcoming weeks. By the way, how was the workout? Did you bust your ass for that amount of time given?

If you’re saying to yourself, yes. I agree but I don’t know the first thing about a home gym, don’t worry, no one really does. Just remember that a home gym is simple to create.

Contrary to what you might think or see on television, you don’t need much. Equipment needed for your home gym is the easy part. Use resistance bands and watch your workouts skyrocket. They simply add tons of value at an incredible price with tremendous durability.

Lastly and most importantly, you should seriously check out the Fitness Made Easy platform that is tailored for home workouts. Its is an all-resistance band (with some aerobic cardio) platform that will take your fitness dreams to the next level.

Plus, the workouts average 15 minutes which is a far cry from the 70 minutes you are giving up in the germ pool. Life is hard enough, make your exercise quick and easy!

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