Ab Workout For Beginners


What comes first, the chicken or the egg? It is a question that has been posed with no wrong answer. The same can be said for what makes a good-looking set of abs — exercise or reduced food intake?

The most common answer of course is both. That is, both are required to make a good-looking set of abs. But is that necessarily true?

For instance, I know people (as I am sure you do) who eat like shit and have never set foot in a gym, yet have defined abs. I also know people who workout extremely hard, but don’t watch what they eat and have in shape abs. I also know people who simply watch their sugar intake, workout rarely yet have wash board abs.

And lastly, I know people who do everything they can to have an in great set of abs but they can’t seem to put it all together. And so, after years of observing and listening, I have come to the conclusion that acquiring a beautiful set of abs, depends.

It depends on their age, work, stress levels, personal lives, calorie intake, alcohol consumption, overall genetics and several other factors. To be blunt, some have it easy and some have it hard. Some can do nothing and look like an ab model, while most of us have to work are asses off just to look in shape (let alone with abs).

You can however, make up for it with some of your eating habits and/or vices with a few things that are free and will take you to heights you didn’t not existed. Those would be hard work and consistency. One is powerful enough, but when you combine the two of them together, you get magic.

Think about it this way, most great things were developed out of hard work and consistency. The creator was forced to go back to the drawing board, time and time again until it was where they wanted it to be. Tweaks were made, sacrifices were taken and goals were set.

Hard work and consistency and the great equalizers to abnormal genetics. Having great genetics is like winning the lottery so dismiss it. Instead, apply the hard work and consistency route, and in most cases we can accomplish anything.

Including a nice set of abs.


I would suggest that developing a nice set of abs is one of the hardest thing to do in the fitness world. Sure, trying to bench 500 pounds is impressive or squatting your car is neat, but nothing turns heads more then when someone has a set of abs.

It just comes with a wow factor that can be replicated very easily. Think about it, when you see someone take of their shirt and you are totally caught off guard by how their mid-section looks — it can derail your confidence.

On the contrary, seeing someone bench 500 pounds just makes you think wow, that is a strong mother fucker. The reason we thing that way is because we know one is attainable if we really wok at it (abs) where the other requires, well enormous genetics (huge bench press).

So, what does it take for 99.9% of the population to look ripped in the ab area? To be honest, not much, which is another reason why having a good set of abs is so intriguing to us. We seemingly know this as adults, but find every reason under the sun to come up with excuses to avoid the work.

The longer we avoid it, the harder it gets and the more stubborn we become. Ironically, the further we get from something we would really enjoy having as humans, the harder it is for us to take any advice on the subject.

And so, I am now letting you know on a little secret that can get you out of your ab funk!

The formula is simple. All you need is a floor, resistance band, anchor and door. Actually, you can use your bed post or table let if you want, to substitute the anchor. The real focal point is with the resistance band and in this case, I am suggesting you try “assisted resistance band sit ups”.

Ryan West

Why should you try these? Well, the short answer is of course “because they work”, but they will also build your confidence. They will give you a starting point to build upon and guess what? Before you know it, day one turns into 6 months later and you have the abs you dreamed of. Hard work and consistency my friends!

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