Actionable Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Goals

Updated: Apr 19

As we dive deeper and deeper into 2022, those enthusiastic goals we made at midnight on New Year’s eve may seem further and further away. But, now is not the time to lose steam. If you want to maintain your momentum, you have to take action now. Here are four simple strategies to keep you on track based on your interest.

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Are you unhappy with your career? Do you feel as though you are on a dead-end path? If so, one of your New Year’s resolutions may have been to change jobs. Changing careers gives you a great opportunity to improve your income and overall life satisfaction. If you haven’t yet, consider going back to school. Even if you already have a degree, getting your MBA now can give you the skills you need to improve your professional standing. With an MBA, you may be more eligible for jobs in management and business strategy. Plus, you’ll become more self-aware, which can help you better identify your personality type. Why is this important? According to Indeed, your personality can help you feel more confident that you’re in the right career. Extroverts, for example, tend to do well in “busy” careers, such as an event planner or paramedic. An introvert may be happier as a chef, architect, or analyst.


Aside from money, gaining better health is another common New Year’s resolution. But, this thing might take even more self-discipline than going back to school or changing jobs. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of going to the gym or following a strict diet regimen to prioritize your health. A resistance band workout, which is available through Fitness Made Easy with unlimited access for just $7, can get you started. If you are the type that’s more likely to get more done when you have support, there are plenty of workouts you can do with a friend or partner.

Mental Wellness

Financial health. Check. Physical health. Check. Now, it’s time to remember to prioritize self-care so that your mental wellness doesn’t get pushed to the side. Attitude is everything, so make sure that you are talking yourself up instead of down. You can also give yourself an instant self-esteem boost by simply sidestepping social media, which is known to have a negative impact on people’s real-world lives. Something else you can do right now is schedule a vacation. Vertava Health explains there are many benefits to having a mental break, including reducing depression and anxiety. Perhaps most importantly, getting away with the ones you love offers a time to reconnect with those who are most important to you. This brings us to…

Healthy Relationships

The relationships we have with our friends or family either lift us up or bring us down. Just because you have been with someone for many years or are bound by blood does not mean that you have to let harmful influences be an active part of your life. You are fully in control of who you let in, you just have to give yourself the permission and courage to let go of possessive, manipulative, and volatile individuals. You will grieve for relationships lost, but this makes room for positive influences that will help you be your best every day of the year.

We make goals each new year with the hope of being better than we were the 365 days preceding. But, we are only human, and it is not uncommon to get off track. Looking ahead, you have to put in the work to make sure that you reach your goals, and there is no better time to start than right now.

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