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A Killer Workout Plan For Beginners

Rules, who needs them anyway? Perhaps given the current state of views in America (January 7, 2021) that is the wrong thing to ask.

Fitness Rules, who needs them anyway? Actually, you do if you aren’t working out at least three times a week.

If you are wondering, no I don’t really care for rules. I spent four years in the military and had my fill of do this and do that but the simple fact is, fitness rules keep us on fitness track.

Below I list out 5 fitness workout rules that have served me tremendously over the past 25 years. Not only have they kept me on track but they have also got me on track after following off. The best part? The go great with a beginners workout plan which I give you an option to at the end.

Rule 1 – There Is No End

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, there is no exercise end in sight. Once you accept that fitness is continuous for your entire adult life, it just all feels less heavy. What you exercise for in your 20’s will be drastically different from your 40’s.

Exercise is away of life and those who make it a way of life last longer, which most likely means they look better and more importantly feel better. Why do you think diets come and go? Because you can’t sustain the abuse that they impose on your body for much longer than few months.


You can however beat the hell out of yourself in the gym and the body actually likes it. The point is simple. Don’t focus on being in shape in a month. Just focus on giving 110% in your next workout, and next month will come a whole lot quicker.

Rule 2 – Nothing Over 30 Minutes

The golden rule for those who aren’t training for a marathon, the next cross fit games or the Olympics (which is pretty much everyone) is stay under 30 minutes. There is no reason to allow yourself to be a victim of anything over a half an hour.

You most likely don’t have the time for more then 30 minutes and 30 minutes is just enough but not too much where you get burned out or bored. It is really about manipulating the time you live in. I am a huge fan of exploiting my time in everything I am doing.

Think in terms of getting as much done in short exercise durations as possible.

Rule 3 – Exercise in Isolation

This one is simple – you must exercise by yourself. Do you really care what Sally found out from the doctor or what Jim did when his wife was out of town? Both of those can be avoided by isolating yourself from the friendly confines of people you know.

I know I am going to sound like a complete foreigner here but being by yourself isn’t always a bad thing. I hate to tell you this but sometimes your friends need to get a fucking life so you can focus on yours.

Exercise in your own world and pretty soon you will be the talk of everyone else.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Rule 4 – Use Your Imagination

What? Nope that is exactly what I mean. You need an edge in the gym to take it up a notch. In Rule 3 you kicked the wing man or best woman to the curb, now get a little pissed off with some self-imagination.

My favorite? I have a knack for creating a grudge that I take out on the exercise.

I have created some pretty motivating scenarios in my head to use as fitness fuel. Screw the supplements.

All I need is someone who wronged me (whether it happened or not) and I can turn into the incredible hulk or at least that is what my imagination is telling me.

Seriously, who is going to know? Unless you blog about it like this idiot, know one.

Rule 5 – No One Works Like You

The last and most important fitness rule of all is this one.

You are a fucking champion.

No one works out as hard as you do. Your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, people you despise and everyone else that you can think of, are all sitting on their ass while you’re busting yours.

Do you know how many times just in the last year as I turned 45 that I used all those factors to push myself through a workout? Too many to count and now you can do the same.

PRO TIP – Want validation on your improvements? Just use Facebook as your guide.

The number one rule to following these five rules is to remember that you have to play the mental game. The mental game builds the physical game and when you fully commit to that you are dangerous.

Bonus Rule

Keep things simple and use the Fitness Made Easy platform and while you are there, grab yourself a beginner workout plan using resistance bands. We give you the basics of how to complete a week workout as a newbie that will get you on course for success!

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