Bicep and Triceps Workout

Updated: Apr 19

This is one of the those blogs where I break character. Typically, I like to write about only resistance bands (and some cardio) but in this short tutorial, I am going to expand the topic of fitness and talk about adding in some dumbbells.

Specifically, I am going to talk and show you down below, a way to take your arm workout to the next level. One of the biggest complaints I hear when it comes to fitness, is not getting bored. It is easily one of the most common hurdles to consistent fitness and to be honest, I have been there myself.

With all that said, this arm workout (bicep section) may help you buck that trend and the concept is simple. We take three differnet exercises, do 3 to 4 sets a piece and add in 10 reps per set. The real beauty of this bicep section is that we pound the biceps with a basic dumbbell curl exercise.

Ladies, don't let the dumbbells scare you off. As you will hear, I specifically challenge you to do go a little heavier so you can really tone and define your biceps. From there, we finish with two different classic resistance band bicep exercises.

We finish off the arm workout with a great (but very simple) resistance band tricep workout. Again, we use the same flow of 3 to 4 sets a piece and in 10 to 12 reps this time, per set. Using the resistance band anchor in conjunction with the resistance band tube, we blast the back of the arms like a fitness monster.

The best part? It all goes fast (under 10 minutes) and your on to your next project!

Just try it and see what you think yourself and don't forget to join the Fitness Made Easy community to get all the FREE stuff!

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