Bicep Workout At Home Using Four Exerices

Updated: Sep 13

Bicep Exercises

If there is one part of fitness that is more popular than others, it is probably the bicep workout. I don't have that actual statistics on that statement, rather I'm speaking from nearly 30 years of exercise experience. The simple fact, is that most men, and a lot of women, want big biceps or toned biceps.

If you think about it though, it makes sense. The biceps are the one piece of the body (other than the calves) that both sexes tend to show the most skin on. Ironically, building the bicep of your dreams isn't that hard, doesn't take that much time and can be accomplished by anyone who is consistent.

All you have to do is follow a plan, drink water and get motivated to work your biceps. Below you will find 4 exercises that I love to do. In this post, I actually show you more than just the beloved resistance band exercises that we use in the Fitness Made Easy platform. Nothing like a little variety to keep you on your toes!

Follow the plan in this order and use the full workout at the bottom to see it action.

Resistance Band Bicep Exercise

Sets - 3

Reps - 10

Pro Tip - Keep your knees bent and let the resistance band down slow.

Dumbbell Bicep Exercise

Sets - 3

Reps - 10

Pro Tip - Don't be afraid to use lighter weights and use good form. Let the bicep do the work, not your whole body.

Weighted Bar Bicep Exercise

Sets - 3

Reps - 8

Pro Tip - Weighted bars are a great tool to add to any resistance band workout, and in general a great home exercise tool.

Standing Bicep Curl Exercise

Sets - 3

Reps - 8

Pro Tip - Use a lighter resistance band and do one arm at time. Your arms will be weak by this point and that is what you want.

Bicep Workout

Use the full bicep workout as a guide to get you going and you can follow this plan, once a week. Remember, stay consistent and you will see growth.

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