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A Body Weight Workout You Should Try

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

If you have read any of my previous blogs on fitness, you will know that I am a big believer in trying to remove as many fitness barriers as possible. Life is hard enough and if you let the easy things drag you down, the truly hard issues become overwhelming.

Yes, exercise can be an easy concept. By easy I mean, easy to get use to and actually look forward to doing. Can you imagine if you jumped out of bed tomorrow and were pumped to exercise your ass off? Believe it or not, it’s not that hard to be that way if you understand some simple tricks.

Exercising requires mental toughness, more mental toughness and then even more mental toughness.

How many times have you talked yourself out of working out in the last month? You dwell on it, bitch about it, sabotage it and more than anything avoid it. The irony? You didn’t even exercise. How can one 15-minute event be so paralyzing without even being done?

Seriously, are you public speaking or trying to burn some calories and tone your body? The answer lies within the mystique of exercising. Much like taxes, where we are all genetically disposed to the euphoria of getting an IRS return so we can spend it at Walmart within the same hour (on shit we don’t need).

The opposite can be said for exercising. The stigma of not enjoying a workout sets in as a youth and the mental wall that we build gets bigger as we get older.

Fortunately, I have come prepared with a solution to help you knock down your wall.

One brick at a time is the philosophy I will present, and I am going to do that by showing you a different way. This way requires no equipment, can be done at home and only requires 45 minutes of your week (less then 1% of your time each week).

The best way to getting yourself moving down the right fitness path is by using your own body weight as the tool to tone and burn. Whether you are a beginner or coming back to exercise after an extended break (several years), this is a great way to build body confidence.

This section of the Fitness Made Easy platform is designed for anyone who is wanting a diverse aerobic cardio workout plan that helps you get your exercise on track. The beauty of this plan is that you will not be intimidated by the workouts and they are short enough in duration to help build your confidence.

Each workout in this option puts an emphasis on a total body weight workout that consists of the biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, legs (glutes) and abs (the abs portion is added through the general workout routine).

Exercise movements include squats, pushups, up-downs, burpees, running mans, jumping jacks, mock jump ropes, lunges, side squats, planks, knee bends and much more!

There are 5, 10, 15 and 20-minute workouts in this boot camp and the format follows a three day a week workouts structure. Overall, the workout’s averages about 15 minutes per session and in total is 12 weeks in duration.

Remember, the key to exercise success comes down to being mentally tough enough to keep yourself consistent. You know when this plan that you will have 36 workouts (or more if you double up) over 12 weeks and by the end you will be able to crush the 20-minute workouts.

Just think of the superior fitness prowess you will posses in three months? By that point you will be ready for your next workout!

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