Donkey Kick - The Awesome Leg Workout

Updated: Apr 19

How about a leg workout that doesn't require much equipment, doesn't require you to do squats, can be done from virtually anywhere in your house or while traveling and works the entire leg? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the resistance band loop donkey kick.

To be honest, I have talked about this great exercise before, but I really thought is was important to bring it back up for 2022. Leg workouts in general, can seem a little scary which is kind of odd because we use them (legs) all day everyday.

Why not then embrace the legs and make them stronger? For some, leg workouts are not necessary. For everyone else (including me) who is not genetically blessed, leg exercises are a must. If you think about it, why wouldn't you want to keep your legs strong and robust as you get old?

Unfortunatley, exercising in general can scare people off which brings us back full circle to talk about the resistance band donkey kick. The real beauty of this exercise is that it is easy to do yet still gives you effective results. That isn't something that you can say all the time, no?

In the video below, I break down how to do the donkey kick, where to wrap the resistance band loop and suggest how many sets and reps to do per workout. The sky is the limit with this one and remember, you can do this one two to three times a week.

Bonus - it works your back side as well.

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