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Easy Workout At Home (5 Effective Exercises)

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Resistance Band Workout

This post is primarily geared towards the exercise beginners out there and it can also help those who are just getting back into fitness. The video down below is broken into two different pieces. One is a short class room tutorial and one is a where we actually show you how to do the exercise. You get the best of both worlds with this format and you will be ready to kick some butt in the gym!

This easy workout at home is centered around resistance bands, which simply offer to many positives to overlook them. They are extremely affordable, lightweight, easy to use, store well, travel well, can be utizlied from virtually anywhere and are easy on the joints. Not to mention, they can actually help shape your body. The key is knowing what exercises to do, how to do them and when to do them.

For information on how or what resistance bands you need, check out this collection of short videos here.

For this workout, we use this schedule:

Monday - Biceps and Triceps

Wednesday - Back and Chest

Friday - Legs and Shoulders

Follow the vidoe below and stick to the plan. The whole key to fitness success is consistency. Unfortunately, that isn't talked about enough. If you have a bad day, get back on the horse the next day and follow the plan!

For more help, join the Fitness Made Easy community and get access to over 200 resistance band workouts and get a 15% discount on your next set of resistance bands from GetACTV.

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