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Updated: Apr 19

Where is the weirdest place you have exercised? It sounds like a question more suited for a Cosmopolitan article on sex advice no? Like, what if my answer was, “I’m part of the mile high bench press club”. Or, I did squats in the elevator when it was stuck between floors. And Let us not forget about the bicep curls in the back of the movie theater.

The question to me is an interesting one because really, given the right equipment or scenario you can practice your fitness anywhere at anytime. Personally, I’m always jealous of the people who are working out in the sun in January, while I’m stuck on a treadmill in a dark room with nothing to stare at but the screen below me because it is 14 degrees out.

To answer my own question above, the strangest place I have ever worked out was under the Pacific Ocean. In fact, I pumped iron under that body of water several times while I was in the Navy stationed on the U.S.S Abraham Lincoln (the fleets greatest Aircraft Carrier).

Believe it or not, there was a gym we could use on the ship (two in fact) and the main one was well below sea level. That was the one that had the most free weight equipment and ironically was way down in the bottom of the ship. I cannot imagine the pain the poor bastards went through to get it all that equipment down there. Seriously, that would be an event you would never forget.

Getting yourself into the gym was an event all to itself. In fact, you had to squeeze through this tiny port hole just to enter it. Meaning, there was no beautiful entry into the gym, rather a hole that you had to shimmy through that was followed by a ladder that was equally as painful to scale at 6'4" and 275 pounds.

Once you slipped your fat ass through the tiny port hole and calmed yourself of the claustrophobia you were ready to go. Well kind of. The next hurdle was to deal with the rocking ship. Unfortunately the ocean doesn’t give a shit if you are trying to workout, so just making your way around the gym could be a workout in itself.

After a while you become used to it and you took for granted that you were able to compensate for every roll without even realizing your were doing it. Just imagine being under the bench bar about ready to do bench presses and the ship starts leaning to the left or the right. Or better yet, it dips down on the bow which means you are sinking while the bar is coming down on you with gravity times two.

To say you should have had a spot at all times was an understatement, yet none of us typically ever did. Sometimes, my imagination would get the best of me and I would wonder if there were sea creatures swimming next to us at the same depth. And if so, they were no doubt plotting their next meal right?

I often Imagined what it would be like if the ship walls (or bulkheads for the Navy purest) for that gym were see through glass. I could have been doing shoulder presses while a shark swam by taunting those in the gym. Or what if a whale would have rammed the hull to take what it wanted?

What if it got real imaginary and thought about a foreign submarine swimming by? Picture a Russian Sub just letting know that it was there and watching your every move. To be honest, that is not really imagination as we know that was happening than and happens now. It is pretty unnerving to think that I and my shipmates were down several feet beneath a body of water that no one really knows what holds.

For those of us who worked the flight deck and would find are way to that gym after 18 hours of flight ops, just staying awake was a victory. I swear, after you just burned about 3,000 calories in 110 degree heat and walked all the way down to the Golds Gym beneath Sea, you had very little left to give.

Let’s not forget about the heat in that gym as well. Yeah, not the most pleasant of air flow towards the bottom of ships, and the water condensation coming from the ceiling and walls in that gym would pool on the floor at times. But with all that said and for all the weirdness of exercising under the Ocean, I loved it. The mental strength you had to have to just push yourself down there was worth it and still helps me some 25 years later.

When I got out of the Navy, I bought a gym pass to a local gym and soon realized that its not the gym that makes you stronger. Its your ability to motivative yourself on a daily basis that takes of that. If I have learned anything over the past 28 years of exercise, it is that exercising is easy. Getting yourself to the exercise is hard.

That’s why I created the Fitness Made Easy platform. It is a fitness platform designed around resistance band and cardio workouts that keep you coming back. How? Because each workout is designed to be easy, effective and efficient. Those three things help you stay motivated to come back the next day. And you don’t have to slide through a porthole to get there!

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