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Treat Your Fitness Like a Boot Camp

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

I still vividly remember the morning that I had to wake up at 5 am (way early when your 18) and be hauled to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) to be processed into the U.S. Navy. It was pouring down rain that morning on November 9th, 1994 in Des Moines, Iowa.

At the time, your recruiter (salesman) would come pick you up and drive you to the processing center. Looking back, it was clearly so they got credit for the sale as I imagine many a future military recruit had opted to back out right before it was time to give up your civilian card.

At the time (an I imagine now) the military processing formalities was the equivalent of having a colonoscopy. The day seemed to never end. By 4 pm I was finally piled in to a government van and transported to the Des Moines International Airport (that’s right, Iowa was International in the mid 90’s).

From there it was a 45-minute flight to Chicago, and ultimately Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes, Illinois Training Center which I would estimate as a 45-minute ride from O’Hare to the gate of the nation’s only Navy boot camp center.

By the time I stepped on boot camp territory it was 10 pm and the realization that eight weeks of screaming hell plus 4 weeks of schooling was in front of me had dreadfully sunk in.

Looking back now, it wasn’t that bad.

Photo by Pexels - Soldiers Standing on White Floor

Yes, it required discipline, attention, consistency, persistence and the ability to give in to a greater cause, but it was also the fastest 12 weeks of my life. That included 8 weeks of actual boot camp and 4 weeks of post schooling.

Military boot camp is about two things, breaking you of past habits and redefining you as government issued. The principles are simple, follow a curriculum that gives you the confidence so you can militarily protect the nation.

More than anything, boot camp gives you a starting and ending point that requires consistency. I would suggest that nearly 98% of all recruits are thinking about graduation day versus the work that is being done during through the process.

Did you catch that?

I said nearly every recruit is thinking about graduation day versus the work that is being done to get to that point. I have pondered the answer to why that is for some time and I think more than anything, it is because you have no choice.

You can’t leave, you can’t argue (at least not successfully) and if you become to much of a pain in the ass, the rest of the recruits pay the price for your actions.

What if you could apply those same military boot camp principles to a fitness boot camp?

Wouldn’t success rates be through the roof?

Photo by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

Whether you realize it or not, it is more attainable now than ever before. The world we live in today has forged innovation in fitness opportunities which lends well to creating a fitness boot camp that gives you results.

Most importantly, giving you results of a success of completion with a changed body, mind and outlook on life. Something tells me, you won’t quit, your complaints will be minimal and you won’t to complete it to prove people wrong.

Here are 3 tips to help you pick the right one for you!

Go Virtual and Eliminate Excuses

This probably goes with out saying but if you aren’t exercising at home yet, what are you waiting for? Honestly, fitness from your home was the future before COVID and instead of waiting to workout when this mess ends, start now from your living room.

Following a fitness platform from your mobile device is a whole lot easier when you aren’t using a flip phone. Most importantly, you can follow your instructor or plan from anywhere in your house, work or even on the go.

Excuses to no workout be gone!

Pick a Platform with Multiple Boot Camp Options

Look for a platform that offers more then one boot camp plan. This is important because you know they are in it for the long haul. Your goal is to finish one 10-to-16-week boot camp and jump into another one.

When you can stick with the same creator you eliminate the headache and time of looking for a new one when you are done.

Also, I highly suggest that you alternate between boot camps with different

Try Resistance Bands

If you are not yet familiar or have looked down on resistance band training, I encourage you to jump on the band wagon. Resistance band training flat out makes fitness easy, effective and efficient. Let me be clear however, that is not without results.

Initially, when I created my exercise platform Fitness Made Easy, I was solely interested in creating videos that allowed people the freedom to jump around. As my video collection grew, I realized that I had enough content to package together unique boot camp style workouts.

Join the Fitness Made Easy communty and get some sweet deals - HERE!

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