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Updated: Apr 22

Find something that makes you happy and you will never work a day in your life. Have you ever heard that phrase? If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, that may actually be one of the call-to-actions that is driving you.

The concept is simple enough yet extremely hard to master. Think about it, how many people can you name right now that are living that life? That is, they look forward to getting up seven days a week and working on their masterpiece.

It begs the question, is it possible to find a fitness workout that can give you the same feeling? Seriously, is it possible to find an exercise plan or platform that changes your entire feeling about exercise like it could for doing your life’s work?

SPOILER Alert – Yes at the end of this!

Can you imagine waking up every day with the excitement of exercise on your mind? Here are four reasons why you can find that enjoyment using resistance bands. The rubber that will change your fitness life!


Have you noticed how expensive fitness pieces ($$thousands$$) are that you see on television lately? Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty cool but also require a loan on your house to purchase one. I wonder, how many people are actually using that equipment every day?

I have an affordable solution that you should try first. For roughly $35 bucks, you can pick up a resistance band kit that is basically like having a total gym. It will include five resistance band tubes, three resistance band loops and some anchors that give you a kick ass total gym set. A total gym set that you can do from any room in your house, any hotel or any place you virtually want to.

SPRI Resistance Band Kit


One investment is all you will need when you make it the right one. I use the SPRI Resistance Band brand because they are simply the best. I have literally put my SPRI bands through hell in all of my fitness workouts, and they always come back to life for the next workout.

This may sound a little nutty but your workout gear has to be an extension of you. Anything we do as humans is always better when it feels authentic or natural. Yes, resistance bands are manufactured, but they are also the perfect fitness companion to a beginner or advanced exercise monster.

By the way, I have the same set I purchased two years ago (with some addons) and swear by the SPRI brand. Here are some resistance band videos to help you get a feel for what you need - HERE!


When was the last time you took your dumbbells to work or carried them outside to work out? Better yet, when was the last time you put your dumbbells in your purse or bag and lugged them to your vacation destination or on a business trip?

There simply isn’t another workout tool out there that offers you so much return on investment, all the while being reliable enough to go with you anywhere.

Resistance bands are like that friend you can rely on for anything at any time.

You could be an island in Hawaii and still have a resistance band with you. The best part? Their incredibly dense weight makes it so you don’t even know they have come with you.


I can sum this up with one word “COVID”. Seriously, resistance bands are the lifeline for any crisis or disgusting gym. By the way, you might not have known this, but google how gross gyms were pre COVID and see if you want to go back.

The simple fact is, people leave germs everywhere. Why be part of that if you can practically workout from home with equipment that only you use?

Home workouts were on the rise before COVID and now they have exploded.

Technology simply makes things to easy and fitness is no different. In fact, here is a platform that lends perfectly to everything I have just discussed.

Join the Fitness Made Easy communty and get some sweet deals - HERE!

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