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8 Workouts You Can Do from Your Home

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

If you are not working out from home yet, what are you waiting for? It was the future before COVID and now it should be cemented in your mind forever. Seriously, I am by no means a germaphobe but do you know how many germs hangout around your local gym?

I doubt you really want to know.

Why not just avoid it all together? I think part of the problem is that the commercials we see on television in reference to fitness equipment, gives us the allusion that we have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on fitness equipment or gadgets to be successful.

I have no doubt that equipment is fantastic, but a great alternative would be to keep it affordable, reliable and dependable. You can get all of that in a great resistance band workout and I even know where you can pick up a total home resistance band gym for under $35 bucks - HERE!

SPRI Resistance Band Kit

In addition, I am going to walk you through some awesome resistance band exercises for the core eight body parts.

For each one of these exercises, we will be using a either resistance band loop or resistance band tube plus an anchor from time to time. If you are not familiar with resistance bands, here is a showcase where I give you the scoop on everything you need to know – HERE!


Let me count the ways that we can destroy one of the most popular body parts. The key to great biceps lies with great technique. If you try to go to heavy, you typically have bad form, a hurt back and nothing gained on the biceps.

Instead, I suggest the preacher curl exercise to really boost the top of the arm. The benefit of this exercise is that is isolates the guns like no other movement and gives you a tremendous workout in little time.


The problem most people have with tricep exercises is that they try to reinvent the wheel. I’m a fan of simple old tricep extensions that again isolate the muscle and allow you to really blast the back of the arm. Remember, the tricep makes up 75% of the arm so you don’t want to neglect this body part.

The easiest way to smoke the triceps is to use a resistance band tube, door anchor and any door in your house. A simple routine for simply awesome results.


If you have ever hurt your shoulder, than you understand how much we take for granted the value of the shoulder. I have lifted many a weight when it comes to shoulders over the years but the real value of a shoulder exercise lies in using a resistance band tube.

The sheer weightless mass of a resistance band should make every shoulder workout that much more enjoyable. If you can avoid pushing heavy weight over your head than you should take that advantage every time.



Perhaps the most searched workout move on the internet (behind the glutes) is for the back. I am not going to lecture you on the importance of keeping a strong or simply physically fit back. Rather, I am simply going to show you a workout that will genially help you.

All you need is a resistance band tube, door anchor and door that gives you some space. The exercise is called standing rows and the sky is the limit on how hard you want to push yourself.


For this chest, I am going to give you some variety where you can use both a resistance band tube and resistance band loop. Technically, you could do yourself justice by just doing 100 pushups a day and look like a champ on the beach.

Know that people still don’t believe in that exercise despite it being around for 10,000 years, I want to make sure you see some other options like the standing press and fly. The real key with a great chest workout is to stay consistent. Instead of one chest workout a week, do two. Instead of 50 reps, do 75.

BONUS - Lower Body Workouts


I have combined these because they are one in the same. If you are working the legs, you are working the glutes and if you are working the glutes you are working the legs. What sets apart the toned legs and glutes from the others is simply reps.

The more reps you do, the more success you will have. Of all the body parts, there is not one that responds to more reps better than the lower half of your body. Think about it, we use are legs all day, every day in most cases and it is use to it.

All of these exercises can be used over and over again. In my Fitness Made Easy platform we take these eight body parts to another level by constantly switching things up to keep you on your toes and from getting bored.

Who knew that $35 bucks could change your fitness life!

Join the Fitness Made Easy communty and get some sweet deals - HERE!

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