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Keep Your Workouts Easy


Is it me or is life hard? Whatever 2020 set out to be, it was derailed by mid-March and it has been a free for all ever since. COVID19 has no doubt captured the world’s attention but I have to tell you, the election madness is slowly creeping up on my “pain in the ass” meter. So, what shall we do to feel better?

Perhaps a better question would be, what shall we do to burn off the stress and anxiety from the times? Don’t worry, I have an answer and it is EASY my friends! In fact, it is called Fitness Made Easy and it is the exercise platform I developed and launched over a year ago with one major thing in mind – to make exercise easy all while doing it from your home.

After spending over 26 years in the exercise world, I took my experience and dumped it into a blueprint that I believe you will enjoy. The main thing I wanted to do when I was developing this platform was to help eliminate fitness barriers. There are so many barriers in front of us each day, that I wanted to create something that helped systematically eliminate those.

Out of sight and out of mind!

Ryan West

Hence, the Fitness Made Easy platform that I will briefly breakdown for you. The first major theme I wanted to offer was in the form of easier fitness equipment. I wanted a workout plan that didn’t require a lot of equipment. That equals one thing – Resistance Bands.

If you are not familiar with using resistance bands because you are a life long free weight person, I promise you that making the switch will do wonders for your body. I know, because up until about 18 months ago, I was that same person. Bands just offer the unique ability to tone and build muscle in a much quicker time frame.

If you are complete beginner to the fitness community, then you should know that using resistance bands can be your new best friend. Awe see more and more gyms become “virtual gyms”, owing some resistance bands is simply a great investment. Specifically, I use the SPRI Resistance Bands as I believe they are by far the most durable, reliable and affordable on the market – check out some more info - WATCH!

SPRI Resistance Bands

Now that we have the equipment out of the way, let’s talk about the fitness plan you are going to follow. Remember, we want to keep this easy so you don’t have to search for a workout every other day. That sucks up your time and is one of those barriers that will cheat you out of a workout.

Instead, it is to your favor to follow a fitness plan that is at least three days a week, is easy to follow and doesn’t require a ton of your time. Consistency is the key to successful fitness (don’t forget that) and if you aren’t setup for consistency you will find yourself in the exercise circle of death. That circle has killed many fitness dreams so make sure to avoid that.

My definition of fitness consistency is when you have an effective workout plan that you are comfortable with, that doesn’t go past 30 minutes for any one workout. In fact, I am also a fan of 15-minute workouts if they can get the job done. I have leaned through experience that when you try to do too much in to many workouts, you get burned out a whole lot quicker.

Above all, it is imperative that you understand that (easy) exercise from your home requires some key details.

Now you know some basic concepts and let’s recap before I show you some easy home exercises:

1. Use Resistance Bands

2. Follow a Fitness Plan

3. Go 3 to 5 times a week

4. Don’t go over 30 minutes per session

5. Stay consistent

Here is the secret, when you can incorporate as many of those things as possible, it makes every exercise easier. I truly believe that exercise is the easy part, it is getting to the exercise that is hard part. These tips will help eliminate some of those barriers so you can get to that enjoyable easy part.

Join the Fitness Made Easy community today - HERE!

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