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Process Improve Your Fitness

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

There is nothing harder then pushing yourself to the gym each week. In my opinion, fitness is 90% mental and 10% physical. When people ask me my advice on how they can motivate themselves to the gym, I say you have to train your mind to fight through the pain. The body just follows along and does what you tell it to.

How you train your mind boils down to what your fitness goals are. If you are training for a marathon you aren’t reading this blog because self-motivation is the last thing you need help with. If you are however trying to train yourself to just go a few times a week, your goals a different. Equally as important but different and I can help you with that.

Do you know what the real secret to fitness success is? The secret is consistency. If you don’t exercise on a consistent basis, you will not have fitness success. Sure, there are exceptions (extreme genetics) but for most of us average humans, we have to out work consistently to see the results. Ironically what takes you two months to build, can be lost in two weeks if you aren't’ careful.

What holds us back from being consistent is unique to the individual but one thing is for sure. Removing barriers by improving your exercise process will certainly give you an advantage. Have you ever heard of Kaizen Event? Its a form of process improvement that many manufacturing plants started to implement several years back and the concept was created in Japan after WW2.

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The premise is simple. Take an action that takes 10 steps and turn it into 5. By doing so you eliminate the waste, speed up the time and have better output. That is how I think about everything in life (its probably an issue) but especially when it comes to fitness. How can I get the results of a 30 minute workout in a 20 minute workout? How can do have the bicep curls but get better results?

Here are 5 big things you need to implement!

Home Workouts — Dude seriously, you’re not working out at home yet? Are you familiar with COVID or how about pre-COVID when germs were still clinging to everything in your local gym? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but local gyms have no way of keeping sick people home and have always been cesspools.

Why don’t you just hang out in the doctor’s office waiting room all day if you’re brave enough to be smothered in fungus from the gym you hang out at? When my wife and I quit going to the gym and started working out at home, we literally stopped getting colds. Oh, and we haven’t seen a kid running through are home gym yet, nor have we had to wait in line. Go figure?

Fitness Plans — Do me a favor, get in your car and drive over to my house. I am not going to give you my address and it may be 10 miles or 4,000 miles away. Either way, do your best to find it and hurry up already.

Does that make sense to you?Yet that is how many people treat working out. The reality is that you need to exercise with precision and planning. Not only will it get you to your fitness destination quicker, but also with a whole hell of a lot better results. Like baking a cake, you need a recipe that shows you the “how” or ending up eating the “WTF” is this?

Exercise Every Day — That’s right, I said every day. In my fitness platform, Fitness Made Easy, I preach to at exercise at least five times a week but truly they and I, should aim for seven days a week. For whatever reason, there seems to be this logic that we can’t workout every day?

Let me ask you, do you think 200 years ago, those who came before us took a day off to find food or simply stay alive? We have turned into a country of less is more when exercise requires more with less time off. Just focus on 20 minutes a day and it will do wonders for your mind, body and spirt.

Variety Matters — If you were to poll most people who haven’t exercised for the last six months or longer, boredom would probably be the at top of the list. People need to be dazzled faster then ever before so if you aren’t changing up some of your workout routines, you run the risk of losing your drive.

No Friends Allowed — And finally, absolutely zero friends are allowed to workout with you. This includes family members and this improvement isn’t something that should be debatable. You can catch up on why Aunt Jane never leaves the house or why the neighbor across the street mow’s his yard with a wig on. This is your private time and distractions need to be removed.

Make sense? These are just a few of the cool changes you can make to help yourself get a better working that is faster, more return on investment oriented and most importantly consistent!

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