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Leg Workout For Men

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Have you ever been to the gym and saw the guy with a huge upper body and neglected lower body? I once saw this sign at a gym that said friends don't let friends skip leg day. I though that was the best gym joke of all time.

The reality is that most men tend to skip legs on a regular basis and I'm not really sure where that stems from? Any great athlete is most likely that way because of there lower body foundation.

With that said, men (many men in fact) skip the legs. If your saying to yourself, yeah we know and that is because doing legs suck. Fair enough but I am hear to tell you that you don't have to make legs hard.

No longer do you need to try and squat 500 pounds, rather you can do some really simple yet powerful leg exercises to get you back on track. In fact, the exercises I lay out below can even be done twice a week.

What a concept right? Being able to do two leg workouts in one week? To be honest, we all should want that because getting old (I'm 46) is a lot harder if your legs are week.

I have also come to find that when you get into a comfortable leg routine, you actually do better in other aspects of your workouts. Mentally, when you are able to push through some of the leg fears, it opens up confidence. That confidence leads to more consistency.

Secret Tip - Consistency is the key to fitness success.

Below I have a couple of videos that you can do together or separately and yes, I even add in some traditional weight. I did that because a lot of men still don't believe in resistance bands. With that said, try the video on top first and see how easy the second one is after.

I dare ya.

After that, join the Fitness Made Easy community and get the free stuff!

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