How to Lose Fat The Easy Way

Updated: Apr 22

Is it me or is the world one big get skinny scam these days? It seems that almost everywhere you turn you can find someone selling something to help you lose the dreaded fat from your body. How many diet commercials do you think you have run across in your lifetime? How many have you tried?

Have you wondered the thought process that some of these “scientists” are thinking when the build these concoctions? Do you think safety and long term health are in mind?

Let me ask you this way, do you know anyone who has been on the same diet (without quitting) for 10 years straight? Okay how about just 30 days straight?

Losing the fat, weight or pounds isn’t about the short term, it is about the long term. It isn’t a race, it is a life long marathon.

Let me be straight with you right off the bat and say I am not a dietician, and I don’t like to eat spinach all day. In fact, sometimes I like to drink whiskey and sing loud. And to be completely blunt, I have no idea how you lose fat. What I can tell you is how you can mentally prepare yourself to do battle with the fat you want to defeat.

After 27 years of activity in about every gym possible, I have come to the conclusion that those who have body success (lose fat) are simply mentally stronger. Yes I really just said that. The mentally tough can resist one more piece of chocolate, two more pieces of cake and 10 more episodes of Netflix on the couch.

Yes, they still have jobs, kids, problems, life events and all they other shit that is thrown at us. But they excel in carving out their body time. In the face of stressful jobs, kids who can’t stay out of trouble and spouses who can make things hard, they still body work.

By body work, I mean they use their body in a positive way as the punching bag for life’s unfair events. You see that is the secret.

Some people (actually many people) get addicted to handling the day’s or life’s crap with an addiction that can and most cases will ruin your body. The mentally strong however, think in the reverse and pound the shit out of their body to take out their stresses.

The results? Well, not only do you satisfy your mind but you build your body. That includes helping to lose, burn and evaporate the fat in your nightmares.

Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

But mentally strong individuals don’t do this for a few weeks. No, they make it a life commitment. How each person does that is the secret they carry but I will tell you how I did it. Very similar to a documentary I was recently watching.

It was about this guy who was in Vietnam. He was talking about how he was terrified (rightfully so) in his first few weeks and even months while serving his tour.

He explained that it wasn’t until he accepted he was going to die that he was able to finally handle it all. Instantly I envisioned his mind going from massive waves to calm waters. All in the face of a horrific war. As odd as this sounds, we can use that as are fitness analogy.

Once you accept fitness as life long event, it instantly becomes easier. You stop worrying about fast results and start enjoying going. And let me tell you, when you start enjoy exercising, I dare say you will lose fat.

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