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The Dad Bod Workout For You

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I was recently trying to remember the first time I was introduced to the concept of gravity. I’m thinking it was probably the first or second grade, but I actually probably understood what it fully meant by the sixth grade. Of course, the concept is simple. Whatever you throw up in the air is going to be pulled back down by gravity and it doesn’t matter how big or small that object is.

What are teachers fail to tell us in school is that gravity also pulls are bodies down. Depending on your genetics or lifestyle (mostly lifestyle), gravity can creep in a lot sooner than you hoped for.

Let’s be honest though, gravity isn’t the only reason that can cause a dad bod. Life is full of surprises that include kids, stress, financial instability, bad food, alcohol consumption and the list goes on and on.

Before you know it, you are 35 years old, have trouble getting out of bed and are consumed with wondering what in the world just happened to me. Life happened and a lot of odd things along the way took place. During that time most of us abandoned the healthy and opted for the fast, easy and artery clogging wrong of the world.

When you add those up you get a perfect storm of, well, gravity starting to set in. If the bad habits or lack of doing anything are not curtailed, the body starts to be a safety net that catches everything that is not healthy.

Not sure you agree? Find 10 people you went to high school with over 15 years ago and I bet you (in title only) that over 75% of those people have been the victim of gravity. To put it bluntly, exercise took a back seat for the fast food line.

I know, I know, there are diets out there that will help you make up for lost time. Do me a favor, ask the last person you know who was going on a monster diet if they are still on it? If they are, are they enjoying themselves? And most importantly, how long are they planning on putting that unnatural stress on their body? That’s what crazy diets can do and I can make a case that they can be harder on your body than eating junk food.

The good news? You can actually slow or some cases push the body gravity back the old fashion way if you are willing to put in the time. You don’t have to just eat spinach or raw grass all day either. You certainly can enjoy a beer here and there and you most definitely don’t have to feel like there is a point of no return.

How? By doing something that has been around for thousands of years – exercising. You may have tucked that word behind your brain well over 10 years ago, but I can promise you that it is still there. It holds no hard feelings and can easily become your best friend again or for the first time.

The trick? Simple, start of slow and build wins each day and week. A great goal right off the bat is to just focus on working out three or four times a week for 20 minutes (big wins right there).

I hate to tell you this but the Cross Fit trophy probably isn’t in your future any time soon. However, if you make gains and/or progress each week you certainly set yourself up for the pull up champion at next year’s county fair.

The key to fitness success that gets overlooked time and time again is the same thing that keeps people from sticking with it. The secret? Here it is, exercise is easy, getting to the exercise is hard. Barriers, hurdles, excuses, this, that and before you know it you are throwing in the towel without really getting started.

Hence, you end up with a Dad Bod. What is a Dad Bod? I can’t really explain it to you but if you show me a picture I can point it out to you. Know what I mean?

I know what you’re saying right now. Dude, I don’t want to exercise because I have so many other things going on each week. I don’t want to go to a gym, I don’t even know where to start.

I probably need a fitness coach but I can’t afford that. I don’t have success when I exercise. And really, I just don’t want to set myself up for failure.

Understood. What I take from those types of comments (which are common) are three things. One, you haven’t been put in the right fitness plan. Two, changing consistency will do you wonders (I’ll explain that below). And three, what 99% of humans need when it comes to fitness, is an accountability coach. When you combine these core things with some fine details, you have the building blocks of fitness gold.

Ironically, I have designed a fitness platform that I think you will benefit from. It is called Fitness Made Easy and its designed around resistance band training and aerobic exercises.

SPRI Resistance Bands are the choice I suggest to anyone who is looking to join the resistance band community. Affordable, Durable, Reliable and Adaptable would be the easiest way to explain them. Here is a link where I break down the SPRI Bands in more detail - WATCH!

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