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Motivation to Workout

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Seriously, is there a greater feeling then finding out how easy something is when you were terrified it was going to be hard? Like when you have to get your driver’s license renewed and the pain and agony that accompanies the process grueling. Except for that one time when you show up on a Tuesday at 1 pm and no one is there!

The ticket tape is showing 27 and you have number 29. The sheer euphoria you feel when you accomplish the mission within 30 minutes versus the 180 minutes you were bracing for is like a fairy tale dream as a child.

To be honest, it feels like you just got one over on the man no? The millions of others who will suffer through the ID process on that day will not know the victory dance you have just cemented.

Honestly, that whole setup has to be one of the most relatable events on earth.

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The same could be said for the torture that many put themselves though when it comes to exercising. This is certainly not a laughing matter but when you think about the mental games so many people play with themselves, you kind of have to smile.

At least I do. I have been there. Been that person who can wipe themselves out from a day of mental worry, which by the way, is 10 times worse than an actual physical exercise. Over the years, I have made a mental note of all things I have used to make fitness easier.

Instead of hoarding them, I thought I would share them. No, I am not going to mention just workout in the morning (although I think that works), rather these four ways are a little unconventional.

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Way 1 — Start on Sunday and Skip Monday This is an easy way to get yourself over the mental hump of Monday’s — skip it all together. Monday’s suck so why add gasoline to the fire? Have you ever thought about the weekends in general?

They equal 104 days of the year and for many, 104 days off from work. Take advantage of them or at least use Sundays’ to start off your week with a bang. Way 2 — Have Six Songs

I am guilty of having way too many songs on my iPod (well now, phone I guess), but I learned something valuable not long after music became easily accessible to the exercise world — the power of music time. Turns out, six songs equal about 15 to 18 minutes and for most, that is a great time to complete a workout.

Have you ever tried to play six to eight songs straight and in that time, complete your workout? The benefits are very favorable and the best one is that your workout becomes twice as easy for some magical reason.

Way 3 — Bribe Yourself

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The one person you can bribe for that new outfit and not have any legal ramifications is yourself. Why not expose it? The one takes some self-discipline, but when followed correctly is unbelievably powerful. The premise is simple, you tell yourself that when (not if) you complete 12 workouts, you are ordered to buy something clothing wise new.

The through process makes sense if you think about it. You are rewarding yourself for working hard in the gym and I can promise you this my friends, we all want that.

Don’t think for one minute, that completing 12 workouts isn’t something that needs celebrated. Think I’m crazy? See if five people around you (work, friends, family etc.) were able to do that in the last 3 to 4 weeks. You did once, now do it again and again and again.

Way 4 — Hate Someone Three to Four Times a Week

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I’m a terrible person. Perhaps, but let me let you in on a little secret, this is the easiest thing in the world to make exercise easier. I have dropped many a calorie and build many a muscle on the hatred I conjured in my mind.

Honestly, many times, I really did hate someone to get make the fitness easy as hell. Someone said this or remarked that or blew me off or talked to down to me or acted like they were better (my favorite) that gave me the fuel to kick ass in the gym.

You see, the real key to making exercise isn’t the physical side of things at all. Sure, the body obviously does the heavy lifting or the running or the whatever. Your mind however is the real star, and without a little creativity, nothing is easy. Exercise included.

So take these four ways and adapt them to your personal world. Better yet, take them and implement them with the Fitness Made Easy platform. Where we take ‘easier’ to a whole new level!

Join the Fitness Made Easy community today - HERE!

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