The Expecting Mother Workout

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What does it mean to be qualified to speak on a subject? For instance, I am not an astronaut so if I talk about outer space based on books I have read, does that make me qualified? What about the guy or guys (there’s a lot of them) who talk about sports like they know everything, but didn’t play the sport professionally?

I guess the answer depends on how the information is presented and if the audience is curious. That’s my fancy way of saying, hey, I have never been pregnant, but I think I have something that may help those who are. If you are wondering, I wasn’t sitting around and debating what I could create for the aforementioned group, rather it just kind of happened. And when it happened, it made total sense to a guy who isn’t, nor hasn’t been expecting a baby.

My big break through? My discovery that will eventually rank at the highest level? It is that resistance bands and those who are expecting are a match made in heaven. That’s right, I said it. I mean, I was part of the birth process when I was born and as much as like to tell people how much I can remember, I don’t remember that. But I do think that helping a mother through the trimesters is something that is certainly well deserved.

I seriously doubt that the concept of pregnant and exercise boot camp have ever comingled, but since I am an unusual thinker, humor me while I explain. About 18 months ago I developed and created the Fitness Made Easy platform that is built upon resistance band workouts and aerobic cardio exercise.

All of which can be done from your home and when I launched the platform it was well before COVID 19 which only reinforces that virtual workouts are on the rise.

SPRI Resistance Bands

At the time, I was confident that resistance band workouts were the future. My qualification for making that assumption? Well, I have over 25 years of experience in the gym and I have tried about everything under the sun, and what makes exercise bands so attractive are the ease to which they allow you get a great workout in with outstanding efficiency.

Think about it this way, so many of us are held back from exercise for one simple yet complicated reason – intimidation. Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us are afraid to be seen by others in a gym.

How about just eliminating that factor all together yet still getting a great work out in? It is possible and in fact, it is here now. The concept is simple. You use your giant phone to watch a fitness workout that you can do from your home – without intimidation!

And that is really what the Fitness Made Easy platform is designed around. That is, making it easy for people to exercise by eliminating as many barriers for you as possible. Being intimidated is just one of many barriers that can keep us from exercising, and I think it can be easier!

When COVID19 hit, my thought process got a huge investment because exercising virtually “especially while pregnant” is an absolute must when we are all on high germ alert.

While creating numerous workouts and always searching for ways to incorporate new users, I started a fitness workout series called “Easy Moving” which is a 15 minute, total body workout that includes the biceps, triceps, back, chest, shoulders, and legs.

I move nice and slow through the workouts and originally I was marketing this plan to those who were getting up there in age or simply wanted something really easy going.

A few months ago it dawned on me that these workouts would be fantastic for those who are expecting a baby and here is why:

1. The workouts contain no ab exercises

2. All you need is one resistance band and anchor

3. The workouts can be done from your home

4. 14 Weeks, 7 videos, 3 times a week

5. Nice and slow workouts that will put strain on you

6. Easy to follow and tons to gain

This plan follows a three day a week workout structure that averages 15 minutes per workout and is 14 weeks in duration. The workouts are easy to follow and ordered so that you can do your thing and move on.

If you have never used resistance bands before, I am happy to announce that you came to the right spot. In fact, I have a whole set of videos that cover the basics of resistance bands and you can find those - HERE!

Personally, I love to use the SPRI brand because they are the most affordable, durable and reliable on the market. Not only that, but I can actually get you a 15% discount when you join Fitness Made Easy. Investing in SPRI resistance bands is one of the best things you can do for your body.

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