Remote Work and Wellness Can Go Together With These Tips

Updated: Apr 19

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Work-from-home jobs can be lifesavers when it comes to having more flexibility, but there are some drawbacks. Many individuals who work remotely find it difficult to make time for their personal wellness, while others have a hard time finding a good balance between their professional and personal lives.

If you’re feeling stressed or need to find easy ways to stay fit while working a job that requires you to sit for long periods, now is the time for a healthy change. Fitness Made Easy has your physical health covered with a wide array of simple workouts you can perform with a resistance band at home; you can also try a few of these tips to get your mind and body in a good place as you take your remote work to the next level.

Make your space a positive one

Working from home means you’ll be spending a lot more time in your space, and if the vibe is off you’ll feel the negative effects every day. Clutter, dark corners, and dirty spots can take a toll on your attitude and can leave you and your family feeling out of sorts, but there are some easy fixes.

Give your home a deep clean, add some lighting or utilize natural light, and get rid of clutter in each room by clearing off surfaces and getting organized. Make sure you have a dedicated space to work in and that the area has all the tools you need, as this will also help you stay focused.

Create a routine

Once you have a well-organized, clean space to work in, you can focus on creating a routine for each workday that will allow you to feel in control. Working from home often makes it tempting to stay in comfy pajamas all day, or to constantly reach for snacks. By creating a daily schedule that you can realistically stick to, you can curb bad habits and keep the focus on your work.

Set a specific time to get up, get ready, and have breakfast, and choose comfy clothing that will be easy to work in but is also appropriate for outside the house. This will help you get into the mindset that there’s work to be done and will also create some separation between your professional responsibilities and your personal life.

It might also be helpful to pack your lunch and keep healthy snacks at your desk; not only will this save you time, but it will also help you manage a more healthy lifestyle. Check out some meal prep ideas that will allow you to make quick lunches for the week, saving you time and money.

Stand up and move

While eating better can definitely improve the way you feel, it’s also important to take your activity levels seriously when working from home. Sitting at a computer for a good portion of the day can take a toll on your body, but there are some easy ways to counteract all that chair time. Invest in a quality standing desk–or set up a spot at a bookshelf–so you can move back and forth between sitting and standing.

When you can take a short break, try a few simple yoga stretches or go for a walk outside and get your heart rate up, which has multiple health advantages. Even small amounts of activity are good when you’re stuck at a desk all day.

Working remotely can be life-changing for many people, but the benefits are multiplied when you find ways to take care of your mind and body while you do it. Make your workspace work for you, and keep your wellness a priority throughout the week by making simple lifestyle changes.

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