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Why Men Can Benefit From This Chest Exercise

Trust me, this one works.

The exercise itself is extremely simple and as you will see, can be done from anywhere in your house or even while you’re traveling if you want it to be. Exercising your chest can be overcomplicated like a lot of things in life I guess, and when that happens, well we simply think too much instead of taking action.

Unfortunately, to many men think the chest can only get bigger through a bench press routine. I can say that will full confidence as I use to live in that world.

Actually, when I was 23 (I’m 45 now) I was able to be bench 480 pounds. I could rack 315 pounds nearly 20 times.

You know what makes a big bench press happen? A strong upper body that includes a group effort from the triceps, shoulders, back and finally the chest.

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So, if you want to a build your chest to crank out a huge bench press, then drop your weight way down on your barbell and do a shitload of reps. And then, do more reps and more reps after that.

The reality? It is a huge time commitment, not to mention a gigantic physical commitment. What I have learned over the past 25 years is that I will take a toned and in shape chest over a muscle bound and distorted looking chest all day long. The key is understanding what exercises to do and if you disagree, hear me out before you write me off.

BONUS — You can actually get more traction with pushups then most people realize. I would suggest that if you blast out 100 pushups every day for the next 30 days, you will not only look chiseled in the chest, but also have shaped other parts of your up body in the process.


And guess what? You can do that every day in about 10 minutes right from your bedroom floor.

For whatever reason though, people seem to shy away from pushups. They have only been around since the beginning of time, so perhaps people believe that they need a few more years to prove their worth. In all honesty, people are simply afraid of pushups because they require some umph and that can freak people out.

So, now that I have given you my bonus thoughts on pushups, let’s talk about an alternative that you can give a whirl. Equipment needed for this is minimal and you only need a resistance band tube and anchor. I specialize in resistance band workouts with my fitness platform Fitness Made Easy and for the sake of shameless self-promotion — it kicks ass and you should try us!

My concept behind the Fitness Made Easy brand is that resistance bands help you eliminate fitness barriers. I create videos that you can do at home or on the go, with minimal equipment, that are efficient, very effective, provide variety and are extremely affordable.

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This chest exercise is a great example of the model and I think you will like it.

The name of this one is called “one arm chest fly” but I do them with a little twist. I anchor low and come up in my motion to really isolate the chest. I also do higher reps (4 sets of 20 reps for each arm apiece) so I can build consistency and good growth. By the end of this 7-minute workout, you will have done 160 reps and the chest will feel like a million bucks.

Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and you are bent in your knees. You also want to make sure that you’re starting resistance band position is in the superman, so you get a full-on workout in both directions.

Translation, you want to feel the burn when you are engaging in the movement and letting up in the movement. Both of which are hallmarks of why resistance band workouts are so killer.

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