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SPRI Resistance Band Door Anchor

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

As I sit down to write this blog it kind of dawned on me that this topic “The SPRI Resistance Band Anchor” is about the easiest thing I will ever write about. Not only is it a simple product to use but the benefits that come from using this are all positives. So, it is possible that after you read this blog, you may have a feeling of reading a Hemingway Novel.

To dramatic?

SPRI Door Anchor

Perhaps, but let’s see what you think by the end of this, which means it is time to start breaking this down. First, what is the SPRI Anchor that I am referring to?

Well if you are not familiar, the SPRI Anchor is the piece of equipment that helps you take your resistance band exercises or workouts to the next level.

How? Because, the SPRI Anchor allows you to create angles that in turn allow you to exercise the specific body type you are pushing in different ways. In a nutshell, the SPRI Anchor gives you variety which helps combat that feeling of doing the same things over and over again.

SPRI Equipment

If you are new to the resistance band world, I highly suggest that when you buy your first band that you make sure you buy the band with anchor. The best part about the SPRI Anchor’s are that they are universal so you can use different band types with one Anchor if you want. That is key as you start to progress through your workouts and get the urge to add in new things.

Second, how do you use the SPRI Anchor - WATCH!

I walk you through how to insert the SPRI Anchor into your door jam, and what angles will help you do what. For instance, when we anchor in at the bottom of the door (by bottom I mean on the side with the hinges by the bottom hinge) we can do a great set of biceps, shoulder raises, back rows, chest row and the list goes on and on.

When we anchor from the top of the door (again on the side with the hinges and this time up by the top hinge) we can work the triceps, chest press, back pulls and the list goes on. My point is that you can place the SPRI Anchor in a variety of different spots on the door and have success.

If you're wondering what side of the door you should you be inserting the SPRI Anchor into, it is always a good practice to do so on the side with the hinges.

The structure of the door should be a little more sound on that side and is the most common side that get uses. If you watch the how-to video from above, I talk about that. You can also anchor in from the very top of the door for a really great angle, and that position gets forgotten about and can really enhance your workouts.

Third, the benefits from the using the SPRI Anchor speak for themselves and there are a lot of them. Take the sheer size of the SPRI Anchor, it weighs all of a few ounces yet it can hold someone with a resistance band like no one’s business. I mean, I’m 6’4” and weight 260.

How about that it travels where ever you go? No literally, there is no reason why you can’t take the SPRI Anchor and a SPRI Resistance Band or two on a trip. A huge factor in helping you eliminate excuses to keep your fitness game consistent.

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We know the SPRI Anchor can hold the big folks, it can travel anywhere, it is universal, but how does it help the body? The short answer is, however you want it to.

The longer version goes something like this. Depending on what angle you are using at the time of your workout, just remember that you are exercising your body in ways that you can’t achieve otherwise.

Gravity just doesn’t allow it because as humans, we either fall over backwards or forwards under normal circumstances. When you use the angles from a SPRI Anchor though, the body can lean in and lean back. Either way you can focus on the body part you are working in a way that you can’t otherwise achieve or at least not from 99% of home gyms around the world.

Which brings me to my fourth and final point. The SPRI Anchor works well from your home because you typically have multiple doors. Meaning, you can switch up your workout area if you want to with minimal effort.

If you don’t think that one is a big deal, I beg to differ. The reason being? Because it creates a built-in change of scenery which is key to keeping your fitness journey going. So, as we said in the Navy, Anchors weigh my friends!

Now that you know the difference between the two, join me in the Fitness Made Easy platform where we take the resistance band concepts and put them to work.

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