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The 5 Minute Resistance Band Leg Workout


Have you ever really thought about how much you can get done in 5-minutes? We take it for granted on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

I bet if we were able to actually see how many 5-minute clips of time that we wasted throughout the year, that we would be mortified.

Sitting in traffic, waiting in line, picking your kids up and the always present “weekend screw off time” are just a few that come to mind. Speaking of the weekend time, do you realize that your Saturday and Sunday’s make up for 104 days of the year? How many of those are you using to crank out some fitness?

Before you answer that, I realize how many of us have a zillion things going on. Life is hard enough and the last 5 months have been historically hard. However, if you are wanting to stay healthy beyond the current headaches, then striving to be healthier seems to be a good habit to get into. If your saying, yeah but I don’t have the time to exercise, I’m saying back, yeah but what about 5-minutes?

The title of this blog is “The 5 Minute SPRI Resistance Band Loop Leg/Glue Workout” and/but I can make it the 5 Minute “pick a body part” workout to meet your need. The reality is this, a 5-minute workout will do more for your then not going at all and if you are looking to tone or strengthen your legs and glutes, this one is for you.

SPRI Resistance Band Loop

Let us begin to dissect the 5-minute leg/glute workout, and as stated in the title, we are using the loop band. Not just any loop band however, rather the SPRI loop band because they are the best fitness tool you will come by.

The key to success with this type of workout is knowing how to structure the workout so you maximize your output. I’m a big fan of three core leg workout exercises that just so happen work with the loop band. Let me show you!

First, I am always in favor of doing donkey kicks. You can hook the loop around your ankles and side over the back of one of your heels to kick outward (hence donkey kicks). By alternating between the left and right leg with a total of 4 sets of 10 reps for each leg, you will quickly find that the “donkey’s” as I call them, are a great go to for each leg workout.

Second, I life the lying leg raises because they simply work the outside of the leg like nobody’s business. Lying on your left or right side, you simply raise the top let up while keeping it straight. Alternating this one back and forth at the same set of 4 sets and 10 reps per leg will make you a believer in no time.

Ryan West

And lastly, to cap off this amazing feat of 5-minute mayhem, do the old standby, banded (looped) squats. I will typically put the loop up over my knees to ensure that I have good resistance so that when I am dropping down and coming up, I am feeling it. You can leave your hands to the side or for an extra (go get it), keep your arms straight out while you go up and down.

The order of these workouts is simply dependent upon how comfortable you feel with each one of the exercises. For myself, I typically start out on the ground and work my way to standing for my final exercises, but I also try to switch things up to keep my body guessing.

The best part about this entire workout is that you can literally do it every day (given you aren’t sore) as you don’t need very much room. In fact, this is a great example of a workout that can be done from your place of work, bedroom, hotel or even backyard with the same results.

So, if you are looking for a way to eliminate some of that wasted 5-minute time, here is your next challenge if you decide to take it! Oh, and just so you don’t feel to lost with everything, here is a video where I breakdown what I talked about above by doing an actual work out - WATCH!

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