Resistance Bands 101


It is starting to feel like doing things at home is a concept that is only going to continue to expand. From entertaining yourself and family with unique made up games, to learning how to play an instrument or simply decluttering years of junk, home is on the rise.

What about exercise? Are you doing more of that from home? Have you given it much thought? Are you thinking you can’t exercise because of COVID19? Let me try to convince!

I feel like I have some good data on this topic of exercising from home, as I am in a unique spot. About 18 months ago I launched my fitness platform (FITNESS MADE EASY) which is centered around all thing’s resistance band exercises and workouts. I eventually added in aerobic cardio exercises and now the platform has over 300 videos, with 14 virtual boot camps and hundreds of users.

I feel very fortunate for the progress (ton of work), but I feel more fortune for my timing. Perhaps it was my age (43) when I put this all together or maybe it was just my wanting to create a fitness option that didn’t cost $90 bucks a month that drove me to create my platform.


When I created the platform, I certainly wasn’t thinking that a mass pandemic would hit and force everyone to do more from home. When COVID19 did hit I wasn’t really paying attention to the ramifications, but some 8 months later, I get it now. I also get that people (like me) want to stay safe and away from germs, and it appears that those germs aren’t going away anytime soon.

Let me let you in on a little secret if you don’t mind. Before COVID19 hit, public gyms were about as germ invested as anything on the planet. If you think I’m kidding, google some of the findings and try not to make yourself sick. Speaking of sick, when I finally gave in to public gyms after some 22 years of trying them all, my colds dried up completely, as did my wife’s.

We use to joke about how bad the germs must have been and the thing is, how can they not be? There is just too much to keep clean at all times. Not to mention, having no way of trying to keep the sick person from coming to the gym. With all that said, this blog isn’t about picking on public gyms, rather highlighting home gyms and more specifically, home resistance bands which everyone should think about investing in.

Resistance bands are sometimes called “home resistance bands” in reference to the fact that many people related resistance bands with “home gyms” or “home workouts” or “working out from home”.

All of which are correct and you need to come to the home resistance band party. Resistance bands offer the freedom to tone, build and burn muscle all the while doing so with equipment that is lighter than a pound. You can literally use resistance band tubes, resistance band loops, superbands and an assortment of other band tools from any room.

SPRI Resistance Bands

I always suggest to get at least these three resistance band tools and you can never go wrong with the

  1. Resistance Band Tube

  2. Resistance Band Loop

  3. Resistance Band Anchor

  4. BONUS - Superband

Where else can you purchase a total home gym that consists of three or 4 pieces of rubber for under $50 buck or so? The answer – you can’t! In fact, not only can you do that with this equipment but you can also take it wherever you want. For instance, let’s say you are traveling for the holiday’s – all of this can fit in a bag and won’t make the bag any heavier.

All of these treasures can transform your body if you implement them in a consistent manner. What does that mean? Well you take your new home resistance bands and you put them into a plan that help you get results. There are certainly many outlets out there available for you to consider but I happen to bias and think the Fitness Made Easy platform is by far the best option.

The Fitness Made Easy platform was created to have a consistent weekly workout that can be done from your home. Why venture out right now when you don’t have to? Why risk getting sick when you don’t have to?

Using my method of effective and efficient workouts, you are in and out with a workout that will give you a great return on investment. Ready to see what I’m talking about? Ready to put those home resistance band work?

Join me in the Fitness Made Easy platform where we take the resistance band concepts and put them to work. Join us today and get a 15% discount of your next set of SPRI Resistance Bands!

Join the Fitness Made Easy community today - HERE!

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