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Why Resistance Bands Are The Future

The world be changing my friends. As I sit and write this we are three weeks out from the presidential election, a virus has swept the world and is threatening to get worse as the winter months hit and the U.S. seems to be in constant upheaval.

The good news? My resistance band workouts are only getting better!

Perhaps my opening is a little dramatic but the ending certainly isn’t. Since I made the switch to using resistance bands about 18 months ago, my exercise prowess has only improved. In fact, I started a fitness app, grew a fitness platform and now offer fitness boot camps that are all centered on resistance band exercises for both genders.

What is so intriguing to me is how a piece of rubber that weighs less than a pound can be so impressive with results. When I was in high school during the early 90’s you would hear a lot about “isometrics”, which would take movements without heavy weights and produce results. Whether they actually worked or not, I cannot express as I never tried them.

My lack of isometrics was made up for in the form of lugging the big weights. And let me tell you, I spent many a week in some hard core disgusting gyms. I should come clean and express that my favorite gyms were the old outdated ones that had character but those days have come and gone. For over 25 years in fact, and it wasn’t that I necessarily wanted to give up on the heavy weights, it was more of an accident that set me on my new journey.

One day while screwing around with a resistance band my wife had bought, I caught myself realizing how devastating the band workouts could be. To be frank, I wasn’t even thinking about the effect on the body at first. You see, my mind is constantly thinking about how to improve the process of things. How to get shave 10 things to 5 things with the same results.

I think I have always been that way and for me, when I pick up a resistance band today, I immediately think of one thing – how much time this is going to save me.

With saved time comes the ability to do it more and with doing it more gives you the absolute pinnacle of what you need for great fitness success – consistency. There you go! That is the secret to accomplishing exercise gold – just stay consistent and you will win out.

Here is a breakdown of my 7 consistency rules that resistance bands help you with:

1. Two resistance bands, one resistance band loop and anchor are a total gym

2. Your total gym can fit in a bag, purse or even pocket

3. You can work out from your home, while traveling or even at work

4. No gym to drive to, walk in to or wait in line at

5. 10 minute, 15 minute, 20 minute or even 25 minute workouts are all you need

6. They burn calories, tone muscle and build muscle all at once

7. You can incorporate with a resistance band with a cardio workout

Trust me when I tell you that those seven things are the bulk of accomplishing a great workout. And let’s face it, what is normal these days sure isn’t the same as it was just eight months ago. We have all made changes to how we live, where we go and what we avoid.

Why not add in how you exercise to that list? I mean, what is the point of changing everything but avoiding the one thing that can actually help you feel healthier?

When I created the platform Fitness Made Easy, it was well before COVID 19 and at the time I felt as if Resistance Band Workouts were the future. Now? Well, there is no doubt and if you simply use my seven rules from above, you can drastically improve or even change your current exercise mode. And here’s the best part, I have workout plans to help you implement all of them.

The platform currently has over 400 resistance band and cardio workouts available for you. Some focus on building muscle, some tone, some are a combo, some are more focused on aerobics and one is even designed for the ladies who are expecting. When I say resistance bands are for everyone, I mean they are for everyone!

Join the Fitness Made Easy community today - HERE!

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