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Resistance Bands Beat Dumbbells

To rubber curl or not to rubber curl, that is the question I will address today. Let me give you my personal stats so you don’t think I am making this up out of thin air. I started working out pretty regularly in the Spring of 1993 and have continued the trend (give or take some down time here and there) for the last 27 years. In those years, about 95% was dedicated to free weight workouts.


That includes dumbbell curls and I believe I have enough mental data to break this down. Last year I launched the fitness platform Fitness Made Easy that is centered around easy and efficient workouts that are effective and we use resistance bands.

Let’s start with the basics first. In most cases you do dumbbell curls with a pair. There are certainly exercises where you drop down to one dumbbell and do an alternating set but those are typically done towards the end of workout with light weight.

Here is where we start to separate the two. Have you ever traveled out of state? Perhaps it was for a vacation or maybe a business trip. Either way do you ever recall packing a set of 20-pound dumbbells in your suitcase? You know, right next to your pants and in between all the other junk you packed.

SPRI Resistance Band

I will answer that for you – no you haven’t and I would suggest that it wouldn’t even be feasible. On the contrary, I have packed a resistance band, actually multiple resistance bands and guess what – I didn’t notice a weight difference.

Winner – Resistance Bands. The sheer ease of their weight is completely compelling.

Now let’s talk about commonality. Meaning, how many people do you know that have a set of resistance bands that they use? How many times have you went over to someone’s house and saw a resistance band or two laying on the floor? I’m guessing less times than you did with a pair of dumbbells laying in a make shift home gym.

It is no different at an official gym. You know what I mean right? Every gym seems to have a huge shrine to more dumbbells than humanly allowed. All packed right in front of a mirror that is 100 feet long.

Ever been in a hotel gym? Same thing, only on a smaller scale and there is always one dumbbell missing.

Which begs the question, did someone steal just one dumbbell along with a towel and fly home with it? Maybe that debunks my answer above but I doubt it.

Winner – Resistance Bands. On the fact that most people who are trying to use dumbbells are doing it wrong and would have better luck with resistance bands.

SPRI Green Resistance Band

How could I let the germ factor slide in this blog since this is of course a historic time we are living in. Let me tell you a little secret, gyms had more germs before the pandemic than you wanted to know about.

Think about it, how many people are sweating, coughing, wiping, touching, grabbing, licking (yes really) and of course spitting?

Do you think that is going to all the sudden go away? You are braver than I if you think that way and when I stopped going to gyms full time about 4 years ago my sickness factor improved overnight. Still not sure you agree with me? Google “germs in gyms” and see if that changes your mind.

Winner – Resistance Bands Why? Because "you” and only “you” use them. Enough said.


Okay I know what your thinking, when are you actually going to breakdown which is more effective in the arm curl contest? Let's do that now, but don’t forget that stuff above as it is all part of the process. Before I get started with this, I want to make clear that having set of glistening biceps worthy of gun show competition, is actually a combination of the right equipment with persistence and dedication.

Last I checked by the way, persistence is free, so don’t forget that. Here’s the scoop on this one piece, dumbbells are effective when it comes to building biceps. So, let me make clear that they do work and I know they work because I used them for 25 years and we have some in the "Dad Bod" workout of my Fitness Made Easy platform. But there is one problem, they require more body strength in the actual motion.

When you are curling with a set of dumbbells you typically over compensate with your back, shoulders and perhaps legs to swing the dumbbell. You can obviously move down to lighter dumbbells but than you don’t get the same type of pump from the workout, right?


Of course, there is always the guy in the gym who is using dumbbells that are 50 pounds to heavy and doing nothing more then looking like someone who has no idea what the point of the exercise is. What is the point you ask?

The point is to focus on the body part you are working and minimize movement from the rest of the body when at all possible. In my fitness platform Fitness Made Easy, I constantly harp on this. By doing so you actually accomplish the goal of working out the right body part. When is the last time you jogged?

When you were done did your legs feel sore or was it your biceps that were dragging from the run? See what I mean? The point is to focus the workout on the bicep and that is 100% accomplished when you use resistance bands. That is probably the truest when it comes to bicep curls as well. The resistance in the bands allow for complete isolation (there is that word again) which in turns rewards you with a great workout.

Again, dumbbells are fine (for certain things) but resistance bands are body changing.

Winner – Resistance Bands – not even close.

SPRI Resistance Bands

If you notice above, I have pictured "SPRI" Resistance Bands as they are the preferred choice of the Fitness Made Easy platform. The durability and reliability that they offer is unbelievable.

I have been lucky enough to be an affiliate partner with the SPRI brand which means I can get you a great discount. First though check out some of these tutorial videos where I break down what band does what and how you can use them - WATCH!

Join the Fitness Made Easy community today - HERE!

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