7 Dieting Tips Without Dieting

Updated: Apr 22

In our lifetimes, I wonder what we hear about more, taxes or diets? It is a question that should be pondered, researched and debated. Between parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, co-workers and yes of course commercials, it is a full-on scramble to over load the mind with both. Actually, both words have a certain mystique around them.

When I was kid, I remember tax refunds being the grand savior of the year and weight watchers or deal a meal cards the talk of the town. If you really think about it (or have no life like me), diets and taxes are incredibly similar. Taxes tend to be avoided. Diets tend to be that thing you will start next week. Having your taxes prepared is miserable and gut wrenching. Dieting is exhausting and stomaching aching.

You can do your taxes with tools like Turbo Tax. There are diets called the 10 Day Turbo-Diet. Taxes are performed after the new year and you only have a few months to complete them. Diets typically start at the same time and usually only last a few months.

A tax refund equals a spending spree at the mall. A diet return (lose of weight) equals a clothing spree at the same mall.

For many, you have to pay your taxes back. For most, you gain your weight back.

If you don’t get your taxes done on time you can be penalized by the IRS with a huge repayment plan. If you don’t follow your diet religiously, you can end up at the doctor’s office with a 12-month supply of cholesterol pills.

The list goes on and on and my point is this, you can’t avoid taxes (at least not legally), but you can do away with traditional dieting with these seven simple tips.

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Drink Water

More water equals better skin, hydration, reduces constipation (thank your plumbing later) and above all, it helps with energy levels.

Eat Breakfast

I have found out over the last 12 months just what this does for you. The pandemic has changed my work style and eating breakfast (cereal) has been an added factor to my ability output more work.

The key here is not to eat breakfast from a fast-food joint.

No Food After 8 pm

This one is tough for me but if you are going to keep the weight off, you have to avoid eating late at night.

According to a 2015 Washington Post article:

“The studies suggest that eating out of our normal rhythm, like late at night, may prompt weight gain” and higher levels of blood sugar, which can raise the risk of chronic disease”

Don’t Eat as Much

I know this is crazy but how about, just not eating as much? Instead of two cookies opt for one. Instead of two pops a day, cut it down to one and eventually none.

Don’t Be a Follower

When you are with your friends, family or co-workers out to eat, don’t feel bad or be ashamed if you get a salad versus the old 96er. Your body will thank you later.

Simply Watch Your Calories

If you have never counted your calories before, it may be time. You don’t have to turn into a calorie counting nut job, rather someone who is tracking what they are putting in their body.

If you do it for just one week you will no doubt have some informed data. Sometimes we as humans need proof as to how we need to improve.

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Yes, I really said it. If I have learned one thing over the past 25 years, it has been that exercise is only part of the body weight equation. Still, it is a part of the equation and needs to be in your body weight portfolio.

I suggest Fitness Made Easy as a starting point.

Lastly, when you prepare by having more money taken out, your tax adventure is a whole lot more pleasurable. The same can be said for your diet. The more your consistently prepare, the better your outcomes!

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