Shoulder Workout at Home For Beginners

Updated: Sep 2

Resistance Band Shoulder Workout

Do you have any idea how important your shoulders are? I guess one could say that you never know until it is taken away. Have you tried to put on your socks with one arm? Ever done dishes with arm? How about getting in your car, driving it and getting back out of your car all with one arm? Your arm movement starts with your shoulder and you need to protect it. Protect both of them in fact.

About 7 years ago I was doing decline sit-ups with a weighted ball. I started to twist in the sit-ups to add something more, and all the sudden I knew I had just hurt my left shoulder. It didn’t hear anything pop but I knew I had screwed something up.

Two days later (and lot of bitching to anyone who would listen) I was told I had pulled a muscle and my shoulder had become “frozen” from lack of movement. Only this wasn’t like the “Frozen Movie” you watch 1000 times with your kids, rather this was the ‘Frozen” where I couldn’t move my left arm because my shoulder was stuck in first gear.

More like no gear and the worse part of all of it was sleeping. I am that person who typically sleeps with one arm under his pillow and that was suddenly not available any longer. My wife had to buy a new recliner just so I had something to sit in and sleep in, that wouldn’t hurt my shoulder. After few days of therapy and a shitload of ice, I finally broke it open and it began to feel better, but I haven’t forgotten the experience.

It is more a story of what we take for granted more than anything.

Unfortunately, we all take things for granted but I kind of feel like we take our bodies for granted the most. It is easy to do but something you should strive to avoid or at least work towards. I am in no way perfect, but I know from battling my own health issues that it can pay off.

Shoulders? Yeah. they are at the top of the protection list.

You don’t need to hear my shoulder story to realize how important they are, but you could take some of these tips I’m about to lay on you and implement them today, tonight or tomorrow if you wanted to.

What I try to preach is that when it comes to fitness, understanding how to make things more efficient and yet effective are what you’re aiming for. Once you get into that habit, fitness becomes a whole lot easier because its faster.

In fact, I created the Fitness Made Easy platform that takes that description and runs with it. Right now though, I am going to explain how some simple shoulder routines from your home will add up to big wins if you do them once a week.

Plus, as the end I have included a video you can watch to make it even easier. I’m telling you up front so you aren’t surprised, you don’t need much, especially when it comes to shoulders. They’re like a plant that needs just a little water here and there and they will stay healthy.

Equipment needed for this breakdown only includes a resistance band tube and resistance band anchor. If you don’t have any resistance bands or want more information on what they are and how they work, I have all you need more - HERE!

Trust me when I tell you, they should be your future, and I only use the SPRI Brand. The reason? They are the hands down the most durable, reliable and affordable on the market.

Exercise 1

Standing, alternating shoulder side delt raise. This is probably my favorite shoulder exercise because it is such a universal movement. Beginners can grow from it, advanced swear by it and those needing some physical therapy are prescribed it.

This is a great example of how easy it is to burn and build a muscle with little equipment and little room needed. Notice I am not using a typical resistance band anchor, rather a heavy piece of furniture as an alternate.

Exercise 2

Standing, combined and alternating shoulder front delt raise. This exercise is a little-known secret that more people should use. From the same anchored position, simply raise your arms in a different direction. It is a perfect add on exercise. Notice I am not using a typical resistance band anchor, rather a heavy piece of furniture as an alternate.

Exercise 3

Shoulder press. The exercise that we do on a daily basis but don’t realize. From a standing position, simply press your hands up and back down. The great thing about this exercise is that you can even do it with no weight and still get a ton from it. If you add some weight, press in front of the chin.

Remember, treat the shoulders well and they well reward you as get older!

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