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SPRI Resistance Bands

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Ready to make the best decision of your life and create a home gym? Welcome to the party, we are glad to have you. Honestly, before I tell you about the home workout equipment that will change your life, here is an excerpt from a Washington Post article:

“Consider research published in 2014 on fitness centers in Memphis. Staph bacteria were found on the surface of every piece of exercise equipment tested, including free weights, weight machines, ellipticals, stationary bikes and treadmills. In all, 25 types of bacteria were found in the four gyms tested.”

I just wanted to validate your decision of creating a home gym.

On to the equipment where I am going break down five pieces of rubber that will change your fitness game for good. This equipment can not only be used from your home but also while traveling. It can be stored anywhere and most importantly it can be used by both men and women.

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Resistance Band Tube

Resistance Band Tube

When people think of resistance bands, this is typically what comes to mind. These bands will allow you to work the core 8 body parts, which include the biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, chest, legs, glutes and abs. You can work them individually or as total body workout.

Most resistance band brands will color code these for the size of their resistance. I prefer the SPRI brand as they have been tested by me through nearly 300 recorded workout videos.

If you are looking for a total body workout with just one resistance band, this is your winner.

Resistance Band Loop

Resistance Band Loop

Sometimes referred to as the “mini”, this is by far the simplest piece of home gym equipment you will ever use. With a weight that is similar to that of a piece of paper, you will be surprised by the power it generates.

Typically, this band is used for the lower have of your body. The shape is perfect for leg and glute workouts, but you can also do some creative upper body workouts with a little innovation. Sizes of these bands vary by resistance and are typically color coded as well.

SPRI Superband


If there is one resistance band that is built for generating power, that would be the superband. Picture a giant rubber band with a lot of resistance in it and you have a superband. This piece of equipment is great for standing squats and shoulder presses.

The superband comes in different sizes and colors that are determined by the width of the band, and I highly suggest starting with the half inch.

SPRI Xercuff


The secret weapon of resistance bands is this SPRI Xercuff. This magic piece of rubber and velcro was solely designed to exercise the legs, hips and butt. Mission accomplished as this tool will tone your lower half like nothing you have tried before.

SPRI Braided Resistance Band

Braided Band

The braided band is similar to the resistance band tube but with a twist. This band has four smaller bands that are braided to give you a monster resistance band tube.

Simply put, the braided band is a resistance band tube on steroids.

The SPRI braided bands is my braided band of choice and these bands are color coded just like above.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what resistance bands are, you can put them to work with you by applying them to the Fitness Made Easy platform. This platform is designed around resistance band workouts and exercises and is perfect for the home gym equipment of your future!

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