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This is the showdown you have been waiting to see. Like two brothers having it out in the backyard in front of the whole neighborhood. It is worthy of a pay per view showing that is hyped for several months. It is, okay you get the point.

If you can’t tell I am excited to compare the SPRI Original Xertube Resistance Band against the SPRI Braided Xertube Band! They both offer different opportunities and yet can be used together in perfect fitness harmony.

Before I start, I want to acknowledge my affiliate partnership with SPRI. I have been a member of the SPRI affiliate program for almost a year now and I have used SPRI resistance bands from day one.

I use SPRI resistance bands in all of my Fitness Made Easy videos which I will discuss below and I use SPRI because they are simply the best band around. In full disclosure, I was using SPRI bands before I became an affiliate partner and I have plenty of experience with them.

With that said, let’s ding the bell and kick this off. I am going to start the comparison with the Original Xertube Resistance Band. This is sometimes called the “band” or the “tube” and is probably the most common resistance band that comes to mind when one is searching for information on resistance bands. For purposes of this product showdown, I am going to refer to this one as the “OG”.

SPRI Green Resistance Band Tube

Actually, the SPRI model you see pictured there is an example of a SPRI “OG” band. I pictured the “green OG” model because I think that it is probably the most neutral band out there. Meaning, it is universally used by both genders and I am going to use the green OG band as the comparison color for the OG review.

For more information on the colors of the SPRI OG Resistance Bands, here is a video to help you get a firm grasp on resistance bands - HERE!

SPRI Resistance Band Tube

For the Braided Band, I pictured the yellow Braided and I will use this one as the representative for the Braided review. Just as a reminder, SPRI makes a Braided band in the same color code as the OG bands. The lightest of the OG bands is yellow and they keep that theme with the Braided bands where yellow is the lightest.

If you are wondering why am I not matching color for color, good question. The answer is because it has been my experiences that the yellow Braided is simply a great match with the green OG.

I show you that in a video down below so you can see what I mean. As a refresher, we are using the “green OG band” and the “yellow Braided band” to do the comparison because they go together very well and probably are the best combo for beginners or simply for people looking to make a transition to resistance bands.

SPRI Resistance Bands

Just by looking at these two bands, you will notice right away that one is thicker. The green OG is one single piece of rubber where the yellow Braided is four pieces of rubber (two yellow and two silver) that are braided together.

In short, the green OG is thinner and has less resistance. In fact, on a normal green for green comparison like you see pictured, there is 25% more resistance in the Braided than the OG. With the formalities out of the way, let us begin!

The green OG will help most people with any exercise out there. That includes exercises that focus on biceps, triceps, resisted pushups, shoulder presses, shoulder raises, back, squats and even abs if you want. The green OG has just the right amount of resistance where it isn’t too much resistance for a beginner and it has just enough resistance where someone who is more experienced can find value in using it.

Also, the green OG is a great selection to use if you are looking to do a warm down set from using free weights. Whereas the yellow Braided (as do all the braided bands) are built for more power routines. You can certainly do biceps, triceps, resisted pushups and the shoulder routines with the yellow Braided, but it will require a little more umph when you do those exercises.


Think of it this way (not literally – just as an analogy) the green OG is like a 10-pound dumbbell whereas the yellow Braided is like a 20 to 25-pound dumbbell. Again, this isn’t a literal comparison rather a way to show you the difference. The yellow Braided can certainly be used by a beginner but in most cases, you will find yourself doing less reps because of the resistance.

Exercise Routines I would do with the yellow Braided included seated and standing back routines, power squats, power biceps and standing chest presses. These are what I would consider exercises that fit well with the yellow Braided under normal circumstances.

So, I would sum the comparison up by saying that the green OG and the yellow Braided will both give you different value. The green OG alone is going to be a great way to do higher reps with lower sets and the yellow Braided is going to be a great way to do lower reps with more sets.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people who can use the green OG for everything they need and be perfectly fine. On the contrary, there are plenty of people who can do the same with the yellow Braided. It simply comes down to your experience level, workout goals and overall strength.

But here is the best part, as much as we can compare the differences between the two, they both equally work well together! I have put together a short video HERE where I give you a breakdown of how to use them together for a total body workout – in under 15 to 20 minutes.

Not just any total body workout, but a great total body workout. What I have found is that when you combine the OG with the Braided, you get great balance. Great balance is a huge factor in having a successful fitness journey.

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