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Fitness Tips to Swear By

As I write this, we have already passed the first week of the new year (2021), yet COVID, politics and everything else is still dominating the world. It got me thinking, how many people are actually following a new year’s resolution?

If you have read any of my “goals” blogs you know that I am not a fan of new year’s resolutions. They set you up for failure versus the much easier attainable month to month goals resolution I prefer. Besides, why have just one opportunity when you can have 12?

Still, I think I am in the minority on that notion so I wonder, how many people are practicing a new year’s resolution and to take that one step further, how many are practicing a “fitness” new year’s resolution?

Have you ever thought about using exercise as a foundation for attacking the new year? Instead of making fitness a new year’s resolution, how about making it a rite of passage, like breathing, eating or sleeping?

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

After 25 years of exercising in some form or capacity, I have come to the conclusion that exercise has to be at the core of me having a successful year. Even with the past 12 months kicking up historic craziness, I was able to maintain with a physical fitness plan that gave me stability.

To be honest, it goes beyond just “exercising” and takes on a greater meaning for me. My yearly fitness is my moral compass and keeps me attached too some consistent normalcy. After the year we have had, I thought it was only fair to share with you, my 3 Monster Fitness Tips that I follow every single year.

Monster Tip 1 – Workout with the Seasons

I live in Iowa (no we don’t grow potatoes, that’s Idaho) and we have four seasons. Well, I guess you could say that winter goes right into summer anymore, but for the sake of proving my point, I pretend we have a spring.

It is absolutely imperative that you change your workouts up each season. If one season is 12 weeks, then that is just enough time to master a workout and move on to a different one.

Example, I ride my bike in the summer, an airdyne in the fall and a stationary in the winter. The Spring? I take off so I can focus on more leg workouts to get ready for the summer, and this is just one example.

When I created the Fitness Made Easy platform, I did so with different workout plans in mind. We get bored as humans and we get bored with fitness even faster so you have to change it up. Use the seasons as a measure to know when to switch gears.

Photo by Benjamin Klaver on Unsplash

Monster Tip 2 – New Fitness Clothes Three Times a Year

Don’t think for one minute that this won’t make a difference. There is no better motivator then putting on a new pair of workout clothes (ideally with a smaller size) to get you engaged. In my opinion, your brain gets sick and tired of seeing you in the same things all the time so you need to make a change.

I always suggest three times a year because that allows you to have workout threads for different points in the weather (or season). If you live in a climate that is pretty consistent, then you just upgrade your outfit appropriately.

If you are wondering how this could possibly help your fitness consistency, the answer is simple. When you look good, you play good and when you play good you have better outcomes. Those outcomes include a better physical return on fitness investment. Win, Win Win

Monster Tip 3 – The 1% Rule

Did you know that there are 525,600 minutes in a year? That equals 10,080 minutes in a week and that my friends is your focal point.

If you work out five times a week at 20 minutes a piece, you are only working out 1% of the time in a week.

Actually, it isn’t even 1%, but for the sake of making point, humor me.

Think about that for a minute (no pun in intended), you can literally be a fitness king or queen through the week and only workout out 1% of the time each week.

Can you really not come up with that time? I understand having kids, jobs, life and even health issues but seriously, 1%?

More than anything, these tips are meant to have you think about the power of psychological warfare. In order to attack each new year with precision, you need to have your mental prowess sharpened.

BONUS TIP – Find a Plan

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