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Three Ways to Do Resistance Band Chest Presses

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Is there an exercise more associated with working out then the bench press? It starts in junior high school when the kids start to hear the phrase “how much can you bench", and for the majority an answer is never given. It is an unfair question of 13-year-old and equally unfair for a 35-year-old. Wondering why? Because a “big” bench press fails in comparison to a toned chest.

Let me clear the air really quick with what I am about to talk to about by saying women can do chest workouts as well. Typically, when I write a blog, I am not writing it with the idea of sharing my personal stats but in this case, I think I need to do so, so you believe in what I am saying.

Here’s the thing, the reality is that what you can bench means zero in the grand scheme of things (except for the NFL Combine). In fact, the more weight you press, the less reps you can do and the less important the actual exercise becomes. For instance, if you are aiming to press 225 pounds for one, yes that is a great goal “and I am all about goals”, but pressing 175 for 20 reps is a more impressive goal to me.

SPRI Resistance Bands

Even more impressive is utilizing the Resistance Band Chest Press. For the purposes of this blog, we will use the Resistance Ban Tube and Resistance Band Flat. I use nothing by SPRI bands in all of my workouts and trainings because they are simply the best.

The most durable, affordable, reliable, impeccable and you get the point. In fact, in here is a link where I explain the SPRI bands in more detail to you in short little videos – WATCH!

There are three go to resistance band chest presses that I like to do and you can do them as well. These all can be done from your home or on the go which make them even more desirable to follow. Remember, the biggest factor in having fitness success is consistency. If you are obsessed with becoming the next Venice Beach Champion, you to have to put in the time. Let's kick this off so you can start following these exercises today!

Ryan West

Flat Band Press

This is a great exercise and the one that probably scares people the most, which means I want to discuss it first. Using the push up position as are stance, we take the loop and slide it over both hands. Spreading out both hands to at least shoulder width, we take create resistance in the band and do a set of pushups. The resistance in the loop creates just enough pull to have an average set of 10 pushups feels like a set of 20. If you aren’t comfortable doing the pushups from your feet, do them from your knees.

Bonus – With that same technique stand and do a band press pushup off the wall. These are little less intensive but definitely effective!

Standing Resistance Band Press

This exercise is probably the most followed of the resistance band presses and a great choice that you can’t go wrong with. We insert the anchor so that it is rib high and with are backs to the anchor, we grab the handles with both hands and step forward to create resistance in the band.

With are feet shoulder with apart and parallel to each other, we put a slight bend in are knees and press. This one will feel the most like an actual bench press and the key is to have enough resistance in the starting position. Remember, you don’t want to start off any resistance band exercise with the band hanging loose.

Bonus – Raise your anchor up or down to create an angle. That angle with allow you work the top or the bottom of the chest!

Ryan West

Kneeling Resistance Band Press

This is one of the exercises that always seems to fly under the radar in terms of people remembering to do it. The set up easy. Take your anchor from above and slide down below your bottom hinge. With your back to the anchor and on your knees grab both handles and walk out until you have good resistance. The key here is that we are going to press outward and upward in the same motion.

You are going to press the handles in the natural direction that they want to go, which is diagonally upward and outward. If you are wondering what the difference is between this option and the standing option from above, it has to all do with you doing it from your knees. The reality is that on the standing version we use are lower body to help us power through each rep. When we are on are knees, we have to put more focus on the actual chest.

Bonus – Turn your palms to they face each other and press outward!

Check out the video here – WATCH!

Three tips that you can add to your Resistance Band Chest Press routine and remember to always use SPRI resistance bands!

Now that you know the difference between the two, join me in the Fitness Made Easy platform where we take the resistance band concepts and put them to work. With over 250 videos to choose from, we have a workout that will fit your needs and wants. Join us today and get a 15% discount of your next set of SPRI Resistance Bands!

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