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8 Reasons You Need Training Bands

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Planet earth is filled with thousands of fitness opportunities. Some are extravagant and require big investments while others are simplistic and require very few dollars to get started.

After 25 years of exercising and trying different forms of a lot of different exercise things, I have come to one simple conclusion — less is more my friends.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic opportunities with big time equipment (some you can see on current commercials), but for the average human (which is most of us) we don’t need much. In fact, some simple rubber will take you a long way. That is, rubber training bands.

Trainings Bands (commonly referred to as resistance bands) are one of the tightly held exercise secrets on earth. They are extremely powerful when used correctly, are almost weightless and you can buy a whole set for under $40 bucks.

Yet, so many people overlook them and opt to follow the dude who is posting videos on YouTube while benching 400 pounds.

I hate to tell you this but that dude and the others like him, have been doing that for several years. Weight lifting is a marathon not a sprint, and all of those guys (less the ones who use steroids) have put in the time to get to that point. Actually, that is their whole lifestyle.

Ladies, this isn’t just a guy thing either so don’t think I am leaving you out. There are plenty of women who could benefit from training bands as well. In fact, I do a lot of research on fitness and my data tells me that women are a little more apt to using training bands, but tend to be afraid of how to use them.

Guess what? That equals less exercising.

My point is this, training bands are gender friendly, beginner or advanced friendly and when applied with my other favorite secret (consistency), can be explosive. The key is understanding what you need and how to apply them.

SPRI Resistance Bands

Training bands are simply a piece of rubber that provides resistance to your exercise. The most common training bands are the Resistance Band Tube (anchor) and Resistance Band Loop. Having one or ideally both of these exercise tools will provide you with enough equipment to do multiple total body workouts or even individual body exercises (like biceps, triceps, etc.)

There are several different types of resistance band brands out there that are sold in several different types of packages. I am going to talk about the SPRI brand as I think they give you the most bang for your buck.

Why SPRI? Well for me it is simple. They are highly durable, reliable, interchangeable and affordable. What SPRI has done, is create the ability to have a total resistance band home gym.

How do you know if training bands are for you? Here are eight reasons to think about:

1. You don’t want to feel obligated or rely on having to go to the local gym and want a home gym setting

2. You’re excited by simplicity of training bands

3. You’ve stopped working out because you feel overwhelmed with weights

4. You’re tired of starting and stopping workout routines because you don’t like them or you felt they don’t work

5. You’re looking for a workout program that will build, tone and burn with no weights

6. You want a workout that can be done from your home and is non-intimidating fashion

7. You want a total body workout with minimal equipment required

8. You love being able to take all your resistance band equipment in a carry bag or purse while traveling

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