Upper Body Workout At Home For Beginners

Updated: Aug 24

When is the last time you walked away from an upper body workout and thought wow, I will be doing that when again? Or maybe, you haven't done an upper body workout in some time and are looking for one?

Either way, it doesn't really matter as we have one that we think you will like. We break down the FItness Made Easy upper body workouts into shoulders, back and chest workouts. Technically, you could probably through abs in there but we like to keep that one separate.

Each body part is roughly 3 to 4 sets at 10 reps a piece. We alternate the body parts as well, meaning we don't always start with chest or back and could lead off with shoulders.

One of the best things about combing an upper body workout like this is that it saves you time in the long run. Back in the day, I use to break these out and workout them separately. Those workouts would be marathon sessions that would seemingly go on for ever.

These days, Fitness Made Easy keeps it simple. Most of the upper body workouts we produce, last about 20 minutes total! That means you could possibly exercise your chest, back and shoulders, once a week, in about 20 minutes.

Not bad right? Give the free video down below a whirl and join us in the Fitness Made Easy community when your done so you can take advantage of all the great workouts we offer!

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