Adapt Warren Buffett's Plan in Fitness

I know what you’re thinking, what the hell are you talking about? Hear me out on this on one it might just change how you think about exercise. A few years back I watched the Warren Buffet documentary on HBO (the Netflix of the 80’s) and recently found myself watching it again here recently.

First and foremost, I don’t personally know Warren Buffett and I have never read his theory on fitness but humor me for 3 minutes. I am suggesting that if you apply his fiscal intelligence to your workout, you can’t go wrong. Stick with me, it gets interesting.


If by some chance you don’t know who Warren Buffet is, just google him and you will immediately be reminded why investing your money with patience is worth your time.

Warren’s HBO Documentary sheds light on many things, including his value on thinking. Upon hearing that the smartest financial mind since JP Morgan likes to sit and just “think” for extended periods, I was hooked. I myself am a self-professed thinker, and I like to think (no pun intended) that more people should invest in the pastime. Case in point, this analogy that I am sharing with you today was the result of deep thinking.

What is the Warren Buffett Fitness Plan you ask? Well, it’s a theory I have that we can all follow. Warren’s monetary investing strategy is summed up as buying oddly low valued securities that he believes have a high growth ceiling. Warren also puts emphasis on the company’s core values and how it operates versus the average supply and demand charts.


Essentially, he believes in the value of the company and what they stand for (imagine that). Are you familiar with what compound interest is and how it works? That’s another of Warren’s hidden trade secrets that has brought him tremendous success (just watch the documentary), and seems really simple when you define it like this “interest gaining interest on interest”. Simply put, your money, making more money for you (what a concept).

What if we take Warren’s fiscal blueprint and adapt it to a fitness blueprint? Have you ever tried that with other things before? It is kind of a lost art but a very valuable process when you get in the habit of doing it. Truth be told, I am addicted to finding these tried and tested plans in other industries and altering them to fit the fitness or entrepreneur community for that matter.

The reality is that most of these time and tested plans (that means successful) like Warren’s have the same qualities. Those being, don’t give up, don’t give in and don’t worry about what others are doing around you. Again, the greatest things have the simplest principles. There are no gimmicks, no overnight (or very rarely) successes and persistence and patience are the pillars to extraordinary outcomes.

So, what is the Warren Buffett Fitness Plan? As stated above, Warren believes in investing in oddly low costing securities as he feels those entities have a tremendous opportunity for growth (paraphrasing of course). Seems logical right?

I would suggest that Warren likes the low price but really likes the high opportunity and potential of grown, which is the part that will provide the investor with long-term value. The reality is that we (adults) should be treating how we invest in our bodies like we do with stocks and bonds or cars whatever else you have a passion for.

SPRI Resistance Bands

Take out what you are investing in for a minute. Let’s just say that you have found something that you really like. It is very well priced and you feel that there is a ton of opportunity for you down the road.

You understand that you will have to work at, stay consistent, be persistent but the payout will be well worth it. Now imagine if that investment was for your body. Have you thought along those lines?

If I may, I believe I have that very investment for you and it meets all of the Warren Buffet strategies. I have developed and created the Fitness Made Easy platform. The goal in developing this platform was simple, make it easy to stick with it. It is a platform that was designed around easy to follow, quick to be done, followed from your home and just enjoyable enough to keep you coming back on a consistent basis.

I believe it falls in that category of what can be categorized as oddly low costing with tremendous upside. The company is an all resistance band and aerobic cardio fitness platform that has over 250 videos and is designed for women and men.

Let us not forget about Warren’s value of compound interest. In the fitness world let’s look at a common practice which is finding free help on YouTube. In full disclosure I love YouTube and actually have two channels of my own.

YouTube is jam packed with fitness videos that touch basically every sector of the industry. The problem? It is very hard to find a full workout plan on YouTube that will help you build consistency. If YouTube is anything, it is a hub for distractions which has to be eliminated if you want a long-standing fitness plan.

Remember, Warren has taken compound interest to a whole other level. How is that possible? Well in short, he finds something that he can be consistent with.


That will take him from point a to point z. Meaning he stays with the company for the long haul and that is the key. The Warren Buffett Fitness Plan is finding a company that you believe in because you believe the company has the values to give you long term growth.

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