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Resistance Bands Are a Fitness Dream

The more I workout with resistance bands the more I realize how much they have to offer. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts on my personal life, I am a career fitness guy. I started lifting weights in the early 90’s and have stuck with it (give or take some down periods) for the better part of almost 27 years.

Through bouts of adversity filled health issues and other vices I am still going. Almost 3 years ago now, I started to find myself gravitating towards resistance bands and before I knew it, I had created a fitness app called Fitness Made Easy and some two 1000 days later I am still amazed at what the bands offer.

Here are my personal 8 Things About Resistance Bands that you need to know!

Cheap – Not cheaply made rather dirt cheap in cost. Where else can you get an entire home gym for under $75 bucks? In fact, one resistance band for $19 bucks is enough on its own to give you over 100 workouts.

In a world of commercials filled with electronic equipment that your ride on or hang on your wall, save your funds and go rubber. Your bank account will be happy with you.

Friendly – That’s right I said friendly. As someone who has lugged his fair share of heavy weights around, there is nothing better then picking up a piece of rubber that weighs less then a pound. I have nothing personal against dumbbells and in fact still use them from time to time but there is no comparison between which one is friendlier.


Resourceful – Where else can one piece of equipment give you a total body workout? I have over 100 hundred workouts in the Fitness Made Easy platform where I use one resistance band tube for an entire 15-minute workout that focuses on the biceps, triceps, back, chest, shoulders, legs(glutes) and abs.

Not Bias – They perform well with both genders, all colors, every religion, beginners, advanced, tall, short, slim, heavy and every personality under the sun. Their secret? They want everyone to succeed.

Love Travel – That’s right ladies and gentlemen, resistance bands love to be packed and taken with you. They love it because it is easy for them. You see, resistance bands will fit in a pocket, purse, backpack, bag and of course suitcase.

Where else can you pack an entire home gym and yet not even know you are carrying it?

Compliment – Did you know that resistance bands will compliment your workout in many ways? For instance, if you are runner, you can do three to four sets of banded squats when complete your run for an added push. Or you could do three to four sets of bicep curls with a resistance band tube to cap off a blister dumbbell workout.

Resistance bands are like that friend that doesn’t get jealous, rather just wants to be part of the party. They are so easy going that its hard not to include them in your workout.

Flexible – And they can be used in several different positions. From standing to sitting, to kneeling to bending, they just roll with it. In fact, one of the best things you can do with resistance bands is push them to their limits.


They respond better when they are stretched to their limits and that also gives you a better workout. What you will find is that no matter how hard you work them, they go right back to their shape when you are done.

They Love How You Grab Them – To creepy? Perhaps but the statement is true. I can be in the same position with a resistance band doing a back exercise and by slightly changing my hand grip, I can work a different part of my back.

This can be repeated over and over and before you know it you have just worked out your back three different ways by only adjusting your how you your grip the handles.

BONUS – Resistance bands love to be part of a plan. A plan that highlights their strengths, which help you build yours. Yes, resistance bands are truly man’s (and woman’s) new best friend and I have just the place for you pick some up and join the movement!

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