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Workout 30 Day Challange - A Complete Guide to Getting Started

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Get Fit

If you're looking to lose weight, improve your health, or just feel better about yourself, then the 30 Day Challenges might be right up your alley. This program has been helping people get fit since 2020 and it will do wonders for your fitness confidence.

In this post, we are going to be talking about the Fitness Made Easy 30-Day Resistance Band Challlenge that is 4-week fitness blast. Below we lay out how it works so you can follow us, join us or even use in your own way. Remember though, the key to any successful fitness challenge is to keep is simple.

Here is the day 1 workout within the Fitness Made Easy platform.

A fitness challenge is like any other challenge that works. It requires good planning and a hook to keep you coming back. When we created the Fitness Made Easy resistance band challenge, we knew we had to make it effective but also not to hard. If its to hard, you burn people out within the first couple of days.

Challenge Duration

This challenge is obviously 30 days long and we do that so you can accomplish it in a month. Mentally, its hard to accept that two months of a challenge but one month is okay. Hence, the 30-day challenge.

Challenge Time

This is the hook for us. Each one of the 30 day workouts in this challenge is 15 minutes long. No more and no less. That was a big deal to us because we wanted to build in an extra layer of consistency. The user knows right off the bat that they are getting 30 days at 15 minutes each. I can handle that is what we hope they or you say.

Challenge Location

Anywhere was what we were going for and I think we accomplished it. By choosing the workout format and equipment style that we did, you can literally do this workout from your home, work, hotel, or even yard if you want. This is key becuase it helps the user eliminate excuses as to why they can't go.

Challenge Equipment

The Fitness Made Easy brand is built upon resistance band workouts and no equipment cardio workouts. This was an easy choice for us and by using resistance bands, we expand the location options as stated above. Each one of our workouts uses the resistance band tube, resistance band loop and door anchor. Again, we build consistency.

If your not familiar with what resistance band do what, here is a great section to help you for free. If you need a new set of resistance bands, grab a 15% discount here and get your next pair at GetACTV.

Challenge Workout

The Fitness Made Easy Resistance Band 30-Day Challenge works the same body parts each workout. We do the biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, chest, legs and abs. We also work the glutes as a bonus. Each body part gets about 50 to 70 reps for a total body workout.

Ready to challenge yourself? Join us here and if your looking for a 30-Day Cardio Challlenge, check out this section!

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